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26 February 2009

Victor Rodrigues' car was used at the wedding of Mrs. Ariane to Mr. Andreas, Eggenberger-Meier and photographs have now been added to the Ys at Weddings page.


20 February 2009

The MG Car Club Y Register AGM is fast approaching on the 15 March 2009, and Ted Gardner, Secretary, has asked for the following announcement to be posted:

As present Secretary of the MGCC Y Type Register I would like to remind Y Register Members please that we need Nominations for the Committee Positions as mentioned on the website and in Safety Fast as we have had none so far. Nominations can be sent via the website link (on the Events page) or by post to my address. Thank you

Ted can also be contacted by email using the hyperlinks to Ted Gardner, Secretary, in this bulletin.


18 February 2009

Malcolm Hardy has sent in a photograph of the oil painting he has had done of his car and this has been added to the Artist's Impressions page, although I doubt the photograph really does full justice to the beauty and detail of the oil painting which looks to be of exceptional quality.


17 February 2009

Like busses, nothing happens for a while, then two come at once so today, please welcome Alan Parker from the Isle of Wight, UK with Y 5288 to Ys on Parade.


16 February 2009

Please welcome Jean-Pierre Chiron of France with YT 3173 to Ys on Parade.

Changes have also been made to the Bulletin Board Service.  To prevent spamming entries and abuse the "quick post" as a non-member has been removed for some IP addresses and you may now be required to login as a member in order to post.  The Contents menu has been amended to add these options.


15 February 2009

The mid-month Reprinted Article continues a run of  articles from comes from The Bulletin and this time is from November 1993.  It covers the "Y" Type Tour of the Yorkshire Dales September 2nd - 9th 1993.  This is a good point to remind you (if you have not already done so) to sign up for the UK Spring Run, and the UK North Yorkshire Moors Tour this year - for more details of how to join either of these great events, please see the Events page.


6 February 2009

Two new Dick Jacobs photographs have been added to the Collectibles page - one of YB, and the other of his Special built on YB 1551.


4 February 2009

Dates for the Silverstone meeting have been announced as 10 - 12 July 2009.  This has been added to our Events calendar.


3 February 2009

Today, please welcome John and Evelyn Emerson with Y 1935 to Ys on Parade.


1 February 2009

The Reprinted Article comes from the August 1993 edition of The Bulletin, the magazine of the MG Octagon Car Club and covers the Wings Run of 1993.

A new Picture of the Month has also been added.

Karl Heinz Borchers has sent in details of the 2009 Sommertreff im Bergischen Land, 19 - 21 June, 2009  This has been added to the Events page.

Willem Van Der Veer's Y 5888 was recently used at the wedding of Johan Heimensen and Majan Mijnten.


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