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25 May 2005
Today please welcome Jim Robinson and YT 4775 to Ys on Parade.  Thank you Jim for sharing it with us.


24 May 2005
Now here is a fun tale for you - someone borrows a car to use to drive his son and daughter in law on their wedding day.  Well their romance wasn't the only one that day it would appear!  Read more here about Graham Mack!  Also, Graham has sent in an entry of his lovely YB 1279 to Ys on Parade, so please welcome them both.


22 May 2005
Following a recent change of ownership, please welcome Russell Brewer with YT 4170 to Ys on Parade.  Russell has also sent in a new photograph of his pride and joy.


21 May 2005
Please welcome Charles Griffin and YT 4835 to Ys on Parade.  His car is yet another car that was previously unknown to the Y Register - another exciting find!  The car is currently available for sale on the Classified Advertisements and contact can be made via David Pelham.


17 May 2005
This morning Robert Ades sent me an email with another wonderful picture for Ys at Weddings.  Robert sent the picture in with the comment "At the risk of over doing it ..." - all I can say is there is never any risk of that Robert, or any one else.  This is your website for your input: now, with over 50 visitors a day on a regular basis wanting to look at Ys and find out about them I do not see any dangers from overdosing on your favourite MG model, so enjoY!


15 May 2005
Robert Ades has been busy recently modifying his YT 3706 and has sent in a report for us in Interesting Ys.  Robert also updated his entry to Ys on Parade too.


14 May 2005
Have you ever been curious and wondered what else was happening in the world at the time your Y was built?  We have put together an Historical Timeline of both Y events and some of the contemporary world news at the time.  We found it interesting and hope that you do too.  EnjoY


13 May 2005
Today, please welcome Roland Harris and Y 1099 to Ys on Parade.  Also, uploaded today (a day early I know) is this month's mid-month Reprinted Article - on Decoking the MG Y cylinder head from Practical Motorist October 1958.


10 May 2005
A new Technical Query has been posted on the Technical Advice page on modern Jackall Fluid equivalents.


6 May 2005
Today, please welcome Neil Quorenden with YT 3863 to
Ys on Parade.  Brian has recently passed ownership to his brother Neil.


4 May 2005
Today, please welcome Bill Schapel with YT 3519 to
Ys on Parade.


1 May 2005
And there was I, expecting a quiet April - thank you to all the contributors, especially to those filing new cars for Ys on Parade and for everyone filing reports.  It was also a mega month for site visitors with over 2,180 visitors in the month!

Following the terrifying Picture of the Month last month, probably equalling it for a white knuckle ride is this month's Picture of the Month: it is Saul Duck with his YT on the hill climb at the recent MG day at Brooklands.

We also begin the month with yet another Y joining the throng of Ys on Parade, please welcome Chris Backlund and Y 6918.  We have had some pretty exotic locations for cars in Ys on Parade but Red Square Moscow?

This month's first Reprinted Article is from the Australian Classic Car Magazine, and is on the MG Y Tourer.  Although we are moving now into more current articles, I still have a few old original articles from my library to bring you so if you hanker after something older don't worry, on the other hand, the newer articles are still interesting for you I hope.  When we started this page I did not expect to be able to have so much, but even at two a month it will be May 2007 before we run out currently!

Head's up for forthcoming events: in the south of the UK we have Ys in Steam on 26 June, and on 10 July in the north of the UK it is the 11th Ripon Old Car Show.  Details of these events can be found on the Events page.  There is also a rumour that Alf Luckman may be thinking of a Y Type run in the Sydney area of Australia for early 2006 - more details as they emerge and you'll find them here!


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