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17 March 2007

The link to Richard Knight's photo albums on the Links page of the respray of his YB has been updated to access the root of his folder. There are 5 albums covering strip down to etch primer currently.  Hopefully the car will be ready for the UK Spring Run!


15 March 2007

Our second Reprinted Article for March is the third of five articles from MG Enthusiast magazine from March 2002 and is entitled "Building the Y-type".  There are some great shots here and if you enjoy this article you should treat yourself to a copy of 'Enjoying the MG Y Type' which is and reviewed in the Book Review, as there are many more detailed shots in it of the entire Y production line in 1947/48.


8 March 2007

Welcome to Mel and Davina Fry with  Y 5103 to Ys on Parade.

Also, you will see that the pictures that had been added on 4 March from the Victoria MG Concours have been moved to a special page of photographs from this special Diamond year.


6 March 2007

Back in August 2006 we featured a Y from Cuba as the Picture of the Month.  Since then, Gilles Bachand has had a neighbour of his (who travels regularly on business to Cuba and who has seen the car frequently) keep a special eye out for the car.  However, he has not had any joy since then, but remains on the trail.  What he did bring back from his last trip was an advertisement from a Cuban publication dating from 1950!!


4 March 2007

How about this for instant news - yesterday was the annual MG Car Club of Victoria (Australia) concours, at which the Y types were given front row status celebrating 60 years of enjoyment.  Click here for the link to the special page of photographs from this special Diamond year.


2 March 2007

Today, please welcome Bob Woods as the new owner of Y 0865 to Ys on Parade!


1 March 2007

More great news for aficionados of the silver screen and MG Ys, After an extensive trawl, we have been unable to trace any copyright holder for Le Petit Soldat so have gone ahead with the publication of a .avi file.  Check out the Ys on Film, and other media page.

The Reprinted Article for March is the second of five articles from MG Enthusiast magazine from March 2002 and is entitled "Swiss clock on to knock down Y-type specials".

The special Diamond Jubilee gatherings: in the Australia and in the Pacific Northwest have produced posters which can be downloaded from here, or from the links here, or from the Events page.

Finally, the Picture of the Month. For those of you who have been following the saga of  the nesting Honeyeater birds who have taken up residence in Ted Evan's YA that he is still in the process of restoring, the chicks hatched and all have now flown away and Ted is able to get on with the restoration.


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