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MG YT Factory Production Records ~ recreated
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Details of models of the MG Y Type

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Post War M.G. Saloon cars
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The MG Y Type Tool Kit
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Terry Ciantar's original tool kit
Photographs by Terry Ciantar

25 May 2006

Two new variations upon a theme of adverts from 1952 have been posted to the Reprinted Advertisements page, and two new book reviews have been added to the Book Review page.


23 May 2006

We have added cable supplier Speedograph Richfield to our list of Suppliers on the Links page.  Speedograph Richfield can supply all the cables you need for an MG Y, whether  YA, YT, or YB, at much more competitive prices as they are manufacturers, not distributors!


21 May 2006

Please welcome Markus Bandel with Y 7116 to Ys on Parade.  Markus' car make it 144 - a gross - of YAs on the website (304 cars in total).


18 May 2006

Please welcome Charles Wiggins, the new owner of YT 4313 to Ys on Parade.


16 May 2006

Your mid-month Reprinted Article this month is from the Australian Classic Car Magazine from April 1994 and is entitled "MG 'Y' Type Tourer fast facts".  EnjoY!


12 May 2006

Please be advised there is a seller on eBay selling reprinted MG Y workshop manuals for 28.75 a piece plus shipping. These are very poor reprinted copies and are totally non-text searchable and are overpriced.


11 May 2006

It is with great sadness that we report the passing of Skip Kelsey yesterday morning (Pacific Time).  Skip, besides owning a YA, also ran Shadetree Motors (MG Service and Moss distributor) and was well known throughout the US and possibly the world for a very thorough knowledge of MGs.  Our deepest sympathies to Skip's family and colleagues.


9 May 2006

Two new items have been added to the Collectibles page (Other items) - namely a showroom poster from the 1970s featuring the MG Y Type saloon and Tourer, and a fabulous embroidered badge.


6 May 2006

Ted Gardner has sent in a report along with some photographs from last month's Spring Run.  Photographs were also provided by Andrew Adamson, Richard Knight and Keith Herkes.  Thanks guys, and thank you Jerry for organising a brilliant day out.  For those who went on the run, there is a thread on the Bulletin Board you may like to record your appreciation to Jerry on.  As Ted says, watch out for next year - the 60th anniversary of the Birth of the Y - the Register are planning a great weekend so look to the website for more details as they emerge: we really want to hit the 50 Ys on the run ... if not 60.  Just looking at Ys on Parade it is indeed very doable - so get ready, you have been warned.


4 May 2006

In April we were able to add Y 1373 to Ys on ParadeY 1373 is a Special Bodied Y sold as a chassis only to the Swiss firm of Beutler Coachbuilders.  It is now in the ownership of Armin Kuriger.  Armin very kindly promised to supply us with additional photographs which he has now done.  These have been added to the page in Interesting Ys for his car.


3 May 2006

Today, please welcome David Anderson with YT 3513 to Ys on Parade.


1 May 2006

Having begun April with the words "Who knows what else April will bring?" what a surprise - a Beutler bodied MG YA, Y 1373 on Ys on Parade.  We hope to get some more photographs of this amazing new find from Armin and bring them to you soon.  Meanwhile, people have been busy flicking through archives and David Mullen found an interesting note in John Lawson's 'The Classic Y' together with a photograph: so Armin, we have begun a page for you in Interesting Ys and look forward to the additional photographs.  Armin meanwhile has also been busy and sent us two photographs of the three Ramseier Ys so we have also set up a page in Interesting Ys for them.  Jack Murray then found an additional photograph of these cars in 'The Classic Y' too.

The Reprinted Article for the start of May is from MG Enthusiast, December 1993, called 'Life begins at 40 for Y Types' as David Pelham reports on the Y Type Tour of the Dales.


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