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The MG Y Type Tool Kit
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Terry Ciantar's original tool kit
Photographs by Terry Ciantar

22 February 2006

Neil Cairns has advised another event - MGs and Narrow Gauge Steam on 25 June 2006.  Full details can be found on the Events page.

Also today, please welcome Pat Lodge and Chris Adamson with YB 0517 to Ys on Parade.


21 February 2006

Hardly back from his trip to South Africa and probably not yet recovered from jet lag, but David Pelham has brought us all a present from Dave Lawrence (author of Let there be Ys) in the form of another car for Ys at Weddings.  David has much news of Ys in South Africa and this will be brought to you throughout March 2006.


20 February 2006

Seven 'new' web links have been added to the Personal web pages on the Links page: a "system driven" translation of the Russian page - one of the first pages on the links page nearly four years ago, and three pages in French, with links to ."system driven" translation of them.  All up they make for interesting reading.


19 February 2006

If you are dismantling the Jackall pump and remove the front you may wish to replace the gasket.  A template is now downloadable in various formats from the Jackall page.


14 February 2006

A new acquisition has been added to the Collectibles page and the mid-month Reprinted Article from the Australian magazine Sports and Classic Cars - September 1991, has been added to the available library.


11 February 2006

ukukApplications for the Y Register French Trip 2006 - The Ardennes (Charleville-Meziers & Sedan area and Bouillon) are now closed.  Hopefully we will get a report on this in due course with some good photos of Y Types.

Bill Tracy is able to supply excellent reproduction brake bleeder tins and tubes, and tyre pumps.  Information can be seen on our Toolkits page.  I recently had my carburettors rebuilt for my YT which I am restoring in the US by Joe Curto - superb job.  Joe Curto (carburettor rebuilds and more) and Bill Tracy have been added to the Links page and a new section has been created in Suppliers for Y Type Tools.


9 February 2006

We are in the process of changing all our email addresses over the next few days we will be changing all our email addresses as a result of increasing spam activities.  Please bear with us and if you email us in the next few weeks and it gets returned, go to the Contact Us page where the current address can be found.  We will announce again when this process is complete and you can then go to the Contact Us page with confidence that the address there will be good for a long time to come.  We apologise for any inconvenience but we are sure, like us, you are fed up with this increasing menace and we thank you for your forbearance.


7 February 2006

ukukThere are only 3 days left to register for the Y Register French Trip 2006 - The Ardennes (Charleville-Meziers & Sedan area and Bouillon) - see the Events page for Registration details.  So far there are 9 cars booked -7 travelling from the UK and 2 from continental Europe.  If you want to be on this trip - contact Paul Gresser here or telephone him on +44 (0)1342 893262.

MG Saloon Day is now set for July 2.  Details are also available on the Events page.


6 February 2006

A new article has been added in Neil's Corner on Understanding (decoding) UK Licence Plates.


5 February 2006

Towards the end of 2005, a company called Brooks and Bentley were advertising a mail order watch with the MG logo on the face.  In order to strengthen the marketing link they chose a photo of an MG YT!  A copy of this can be found on our Reprinted Advertisements page by kind permission of Brooks and Bentley.


1 February 2006

This month's Picture of the Month is of an interesting conversion carried out on a Y Type - into a Woody Countryman or Station Wagon.  The photograph was taken in the late 1960s / early 1970s in a scrap yard in Cyprus.  If you know anything about this car, please contact the Webmaster as we would love to know more about it and have a photograph of it in happier days.  The "woody" theme continues into <a href="../artist.shtml"> Artist's Impressions as coincidentally Willem van der Veer sent me a drawing of a woody Y concept car he was designing when he came across an older drawing by B Oudejans.  Scott Barrow has also been thinking about making a woody Y from the remains of Y 4099 and he had also sent me a drawing.

The Reprinted Article is from the Sacred Octagon, August 1992 and is about Sandy Henderson's Y 6089.  This car is also featured on our Interesting Y's page - Y 6089.

John Jebb has also sent in some additional pictures for inclusion on Neil Cairn's article on Sister Cars (link on this page in the side column).

The Register are organising a driving tour of the Ardennes, France, for May 25 - 30 inclusive.  Full details are on the Events page but Paul Gresser (event co-ordinator) will make hotel bookings as soon as he knows names of those wishing to take part. He would like names please by the latest February 10th in order that he may book the hotels, so for costs etc. please contact him direct.  There is an email link and phone number onthe Events page for him.  Also, don't forget to book your place on the UK Spring Run, also full details are on the Events page for this.  And then there is the Pendine Dash.  Details and a link to the application form can be found on the Events page.  Andrew Coulson is also looking for an indication of numbers for attendance at the 12th Ripon Old Car Show.

Finally, please welcome Tim Dunham and YT 5127 to Ys on Parade.


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