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 MG Y Type News  

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28 November 2013

Back in the early summer, Neil Wakeman wrote to me about needing to remove his oil pump. After discussing how this could be done, he found a comment in the workshop manual, so this has been added into the Hints and Tips page for anyone else needing to do this.


27 November 2013

Roy Clapham has sent in some great photographs of his daughter's wedding featuring, of course, his MG Y!


26 November 2013

And still the gallery grows! Today, please welcome Harry Henderson with Y 6847 to Ys on Parade!


25 November 2013

Today, please welcome Richard King with Y 5183 to Ys on Parade. Y 5183 is the 300th MG Y and the 570th car on Ys on Parade!


17 November 2013

The mid-month Reprinted Article is now available and is from Enjoying MG, September 1987 and is titled "Y Type Competition Uses & Successes".


10 November 2013

Paul Thompson sent in two photographs of YB 1230 at a recent wedding today.


9 November 2013

A new Collectible card has been added to the Collectibles page.


8 November 2013

Today, please welcome Mark O'Day and Y 1392 to Ys on Parade!

We are also pleased to announce that we have partnered with Hagerty UK Insurance to bring you additional Member benefits! Currently this is only available to UK Resident owners, but we are also working with them to design a European Owner package and we are also working with Hagerty USA and Canada to widen this to North America too.


7 November 2013

Today, please welcome ChweeTin Khoo with Y 4754 to Ys on Parade!


6 November 2013

For those who would like to add a Satellite Navigation system, or other modern electronic devices to their Y Types, Mick Bath has sent in a suggestion for how to wire up a pig-tail wire to enable normally negative grounded wired equipment to positive ground vehicles. The tip has been added to Hints and Tips.


5 November 2013

Willem van der Veer has sent in a photograph of an oil painting of his Y 5888.


4 November 2013

Frank Vautier, former owner of Y 7171 has sent in a great write up for Interesting Ys.


1 November 2013

Today, please welcome David Holmes with YT 3217 (another previously unknown survivor) to Ys on Parade!

Steve James has also recently completely overhauled the eBay Auction Search engine for MG Y related items. Steve says "While there may be some items that are not caught, we hope to have made the searches more inclusive for you." Thank you Steve for your hard work on this very useful part of our site. The page can always be accessed from the link on the Classified Advertisements page too.

The Picture of the Month is by Phil Stafford with Y 4608 Special.


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