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22 May 2004

Today, please welcome Robert Ades with YT 3706 to Ys on Parade.


21 May 2004

Please welcome Phil Brackpool and YB 0346 to Ys on Parade.


19 May 2004

A new Technical Advice has been posted on how to strip brake cylinders.


18 May 2004

Today we have an new picture on Interesting Ys, a rally going Y (believed YB but we don't know anything much about this car other than it also took part in the Peking Paris Rally too).  Perhaps, if you know more, you can contact the webmaster and share your knowledge with us.  Alternatively, if you know the owner, encourage them to Register it and put it on Ys on Parade.  It would be fascinating to find out more about it!

Richard Prior has also filed another episode of his fantastic Antipodean Adventure from 2003.

Congratulations also to the winners from last month's UK Spring Run - NTG Cup YT and Mike Silk (for YAs and YTs), Bill Atkinson Cup (YBs) Keith Herkes, and the Piston Gone Trophy Cliff Shuker YB.


16 May 2004

This month's Reprinted Article is from the Australian Motor Manual from June 1949, and a second from the Autocar 1951.  In a slightly different format to normal (for the Australian Motor Manual) we have scanned the pages from the magazine into a PDF file as there is an excellent shot of the MG Y being lowered into position on the BMC stand.  Additionally there is a short paragraph announcing the new YT and a useful page on Lucas FT lamps.  The Autocar article is a newly rediscovered road test.


12 May 2004

Another sad piece of news - you may recall last year we had two Pictures of the Month (February and May 2003) featuring the escapades of Lola Grounds, kindly sent in by her son Robert.  Lola too passed away in April 2004, aged 87.  A redoubtable lady who will be missed by her family, to whom we send our condolences too.

On a happier note, we have two fantastic new pictures in Artists Impressions, having been alerted to them by Willem van der Veer.


7 May 2004

The latest update on last year's odyssey from Australia by Richard Prior and crew can now be read on the second page of the Antipodean Adventures along with a host of excellent photographs.  No doubt Richard will soon be sending me the next exciting episode!  Thanks Richard!


6 May 2004

John Edwards

It is with great sadness that we have to announce the sudden death of MG Car Club Register Secretary John Edwards. 
Although John had become an M.G. man late in life, he developed a real enthusiasm for Ys when he purchased his first car a few years ago.  
 We only knew John for a relatively short time but grew to respect and appreciate his hard work on behalf of the Register. He always showed great enthusiasm, a conscientious approach and a willingness to participate fully in our activities.
His committee friends will greatly miss John's quiet approach and wry sense of humour. His initial shyness masked a warmth and friendliness, which became progressively more evident as we grew to know him.
We wish to take this opportunity to extend our sympathy to John's wife Janet and his family. He was a good friend, loving husband, proud father and grandfather.

Also, please welcome Johnny Thorsen from Sweden with Y 4640 to Ys on Parade.  This is our first Y from Sweden too!


5 May 2004

Andrew Adamson has kindly provided a short write upon the Spring Run 2004 for us.  This can be found by clicking on the report link from the Events page.

Also, please welcome Des McCall from Australia with Y 4739 to Ys on Parade.

For those of you who missed it last month, but want to find out more about the prototype YS, click here.


3 May 2004

Willem van der Veer has sent in a scan of a Yugoslavian postage stamp.  This has now been added to the Collectibles page.  Willem has also updated his photograph in Ys on Parade.


1 May 2004

The Northern Hemisphere season is now well under way and last month we had a fabulous (if damp) UK Spring Run.  If you went on the run, why not write a report and send in some pictures?  I was very fortunate in being able to get back to the UK for the event, and my wife and I thoroughly enjoyed our day - only the onset of jet lag caused us to cut for home early.  It was an excellent opportunity to say a final "farewell" to many Y owners in the UK.  I was also very flattered to be awarded a cap donated by Alf Luckman from Australia to be given to the farthest travelled.  It will be worn with pride this weekend as I attend MGs on the Pier at Port Angeles in search of more Ys.

As an opener this month I am pleased to welcome Scott Barrow who is now the owner of the brace of Ys formerly belonging to Paul Gaynor - Y 2677 and Y 5174.


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