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23 August 2005
Today, please welcome Malcolm Leahy and YT 3516 to Ys on Parade.


21 August 2005
Please welcome Tony Knowles and Y 5831 to Ys on Parade.


20 August 2005
Andrew Coulson's Silverstone Report is available from the Events page or can be accessed here.  Additional photos have been provided by Phil Brackpool.  If any one knows how we can contact Bob Ward, who is now the owner of the Dick Jacobs MG YB, we'd love to hear from you so that we can ask him to add the car to the Ys on Parade and we could have a page on Interesting Ys too.


15 August 2005
In line with our international website, the mid month Reprinted Article is a short piece in German and in English and comes from Classic Cars, January 1994.


14 August 2005
I was examining David Pelham's YT List and puzzling over my new YT.  David showed YT 2947 as an EXU which is Left Hand Drive, but my car had a distinct Right Hand Drive look to it.  Today I looked at the pedal box and this has always been on the right of the chassis, so I had planned to pull the whole front end off which I did.  I then slowly sanded down the front chassis on the left side (as you sit in the car).  I no longer have YT 2947.  I have YT 4455, an EXR car from the get go!  This makes another matched pair with Ken and Charlotte Blamble's YT 4454!  Just goes to show you can't always rely on the registration documents, but you can rely on David Pelham's lists and our research!  So now the question is "Where is YT EXU 2947?" ?


11 August 2005
I have added my latest acquisition YT 2947 to Ys on Parade.  (See News update 14 August 2005!)


10 August 2005
John Jebb has kindly sent in a scan of a letter from BMC from 1965 to the previous owner of his car about the prevention of oil entering the speedometer head and this has been added to the Collectibles page.  It is, however, emphasised by us that is for PREVENTION of recurrence and not the CURE for the problem which can be found on the Technical Advice page.


6 August 2005
Please welcome John Jebb with YB 0362 to Ys on Parade.  John's car has been in the family, Father and Son, for 44 years!  An excellent recommendation if ever there was for our lovely cars.  It would seem YBs have had quite a run at entries to Ys on Parade lately but there is room for plenty more Ys to join the ranks.

John has also kindly sent in another photograph for Ys at Weddings too for our enjoyment.  Thanks John.


1 August 2005
Welcome to August - Silverstone has been and gone. Were you there?  In a Y?  Did you park in the Register Parking or do you have a picture of the Ys that were there?  If so, why not send it to me for a Picture of the Month?

Do you speak French please?  Would you like to help the Webmaster with some translation?  I have a couple of Articles from French magazines that we want to feature on our Reprinted Articles page and I need help proof reading my copy typing, and also my translation (School was a long time ago so please don't ask!).  Better still contact the webmaster here.

John Jebb has sent in a new picture for Ys at Weddings - thank you John.

This month's Reprinted Article is from Thoroughbred and Classic Cars, November 1990.

To close, the Picture of the Month this month is a jump back to June 2003.


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