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16 December 2002

Please welcome Malcolm Hogg and YB 1160 to Ys on Parade as the 120th car on Parade - please keep them coming, we are not taking a break really and will continue to update any cars that you send in!


15 December 2002

Some late breaking news - just to give you something else to do over the Christmas break, there is a new link to an article on the 1997 Y Type Tour of Luxembourg on the Links Page, under Other Websites and Personal Homepages.  Well worth a read!


14 December 2002

The last in the current series of brochures is uploaded for your enjoyment today. If you know of an edition we have not covered, please contact the webmaster, if possible with a scan of the front cover. 

Geoff Mellor has sent in an update on the restoration of YT 3477 which can be found on the Interesting Ys page.

David Pelham has informs us that since the YT Factory List was launched (1st December 2002) he "has received the following information: 4 new cars confirmed as survivors (Australia 2 cars, Ireland 1 car and Japan 1 car), 11 other cars on the original list as probable survivors have now been confirmed as survivors. 1 Car has been confirmed as having been scrapped. Total Live YTs now number 108, or over 12% of original production."

Frank Neumann has sent in a short explanation of the Norwegian Y Type website (See Links page for a link to this interesting site) as follows: "the page is connected to the Norwegian MG Club. In the first place it should give a short history of the Y type. The next is about Y types in Norway. The club knows only of one car (which is shown), a 1951 YA sold new in Norway. The car was bought by the family of the MG importer in the town of Bergen. It was driven until 1955 where it was involved in a crash. In 1998 the car was bought by Asbjørn Kirkevold from Sauda (don't ask where this is in Norway) and is under restoration at the moment.For your information only 3 cars have been imported to Norway, two in 1947 and the known car in 1951. I will try to get in contact with Asbjørn, so he can send you some more information's."  Many thanks for this Frank, we look forward to welcoming the Scandinavian Ys as soon as possible to Ys on Parade.  It is always exciting to see new ones, and a delight to welcome new countries.

Well, there is plenty there to keep you going over the festive season and as may probably be the last update before Christmas and the New Year, your committee would like to take this opportunity to thank you for your support and enjoyment of your Y Type, and the website, and wishes you a MerrY Christmas and a HappY New Year.  Although we may be taking a break - don't stop sending stuff in for January 2003!


8 December 2002

Today's update includes two new Technical query on the Technical Advice page - this time concerning YA brakes and rewiring a Y Type.  Also, please welcome our second car from Japan to Ys on Parade, Shuji Umekawa and YT 4271.


5 December 2002

We have a new "Oldest Y" on Ys on Parade with the posting of Dennis Sears and Y 0303, welcome to Dennis. Assuming that at least Y 0251 (and possibly Y 0252) were prototypes, this would make Dennis's car the 51st or 52nd car off the line! Also, please welcome the "other" member from the Stock stable Y 0485 - another early Y too, and Paul Morrissey with YT 4313.  Interestingly Paul's YT is the first (and so far only one of two known) surviving YT EXL cars - unless you know different ~ in which case we look forward to welcoming you to Ys on Parade too!

A Norwegian website on MG Y Types has been found and has been added to the Links page - well worth a surf, even if you (like us) cannot understand it all.  If the author is reading this, (or someone who knows how to contact them) please contact the webmaster as we do not yet have a Norwegian Y Type on the Ys on Parade and we'd like to have you.

And finally, we now have a picture on the Regalia page of the Rear Ashtrays (reproductions) for the back of the front seats.  A minor change to the book list too - the MG Shires Book is now £2.25.


1 December 2002

Welcome to December, and also at the start of the month, please welcome new owners and cars to each of YAs, YTs, and YBs on Parade including our first car from Eire. Please welcome Jean Marie Gillen's second Y - Y 1642, Dave Ivins with YT 3336 (a close relative of YT 3338!) and Steve Stephenson with YB 1360 from Ireland to Ys on Parade bringing the total now up to 115! 

Also, new this month, in the side bar to this page, is a PDF file from David Pelham (our resident YT expert) which David describes below:

Whilst the records of the Y Types were destroyed almost forty years ago a small group of dedicated people have been worked hard to recreate as much of the information as possible. I have, for a number of months, been consolidating the YT records and conducting additional research both with existing owners and previous owners. As a result we are pleased to release on this website the MG YT Factory Production Records ~ recreated. Although far from complete, it is hoped that owners will review the list and provide additional information that will be incorporated into subsequent revisions and updates.  

One of the items being recorded on the list is the current whereabouts (State & Country only) of surviving cars. This will be of tremendous help to any new owner wishing to make contact with another (local) YT Owner. As a result of the Data Protection Act in the UK and those persons who 'Trawl' the worldwide web looking for Email addresses (for SPAM purposes) we are unable provide contact details on-line. However, should any YT owner want to contact another, I will be pleased to provide contact details direct to the parties involved.

 The next project, already started, is to repeat the exercise with the Saloons!

 David Pelham Public Relations and YT Specialist

There is also another Technical query on the Technical Page for you too.


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