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22 June 2005
Andrew Coulson has asked me to remind you that the Ripon Old Car Show is coming up on on 10 July and he has only 2 spaces left on the Y Register stand! 
Andrew says "Arlene (his wife) will be catering (excessively!) and the Show is usually extremely well supported with 400 - 500 cars, commercials, auto-jumble etc. Tempting fate, we always have good weather - or at least good by Yorkshire standards!  This will also be the first Y - outing for our ex-Mervyn Davies YB pick up; I'm working out how many spares can I fit in the back ... .  We're off to Italy this weekend for a few days,  although I can categorically deny that we are searching for the MG Y Panoramica by Zagato!" - and as anyone reading that and knowing Andrew would say - "Why ever not?"

Also coming up this weekend in the UK is the Ys in Steam at the Leighton Buzzard Narrow Gauge Railway.  Come and see Neil Cairns as never before with his train set!

Details of both events can be found on the Events page.  Lets hope for a report from someone attending too please!  Do not forget to send in details of your Y events to me - very few events this year compared with former ones!


19 June 2005
lease welcome Alan Gladding, with Y 5896 to Ys on Parade.  Also uploaded is a Technical Advice note on the Body Mounting point underneath the rear seat.


17 June 2005
Today, please welcome Neville Howell from Australia, with YT 3786 to Ys on Parade.  Neville's car was previously unknown to the Register and is another 'new find' for us.


15 June 2005
The Mid-month Reprinted Article dates from August 1977, and is taken from the magazine Australian Sports Car World.  A small error has also been corrected in the Colours page under Technical Centre.

Also, please welcome Elise Pakeman from Australia, with Y 5539 to Ys on Parade.


9 June 2005
Saul Duck has sent in a record of his dismantling of his Jackall pump and the fitting of new seals.  It includes some interesting photographs and tips.  Click here to read it.


8 June 2005
One of the more difficult problems encountered by a restorer of a Y is the problem of the chrome plating on the Mazak (often called monkey metal) of many of the Y's fittings such as the headlamp bar to wing bracket: over the these become pitted and peel.  The Register recently sent a test piece (a badly pitted headlamp bar to wing bracket) to a supplier and were extremely pleased with the results.  While the Register accepts no liability for the quality of work which may be encountered, it is pleased to say that our test piece was most satisfactorily rechromed with all the pitting having disappeared.  The cost was approximately 50.00 per bracket with a turn around of about three weeks.  The company concerned - Central Engineering Design of Kent, UK have accordingly been added to the Links page.


5 June 2005
A new Collectible has been added - another conversion of a Lansdowne model, and this prompted me to write a new page that summarises the models which are available.


3 June 2005
I received the following advice by email yesterday.  The cluster of the TD is identical to that of the YA/YT/YB.

The following information was posted today on a bulletin board and on a mail list.  Please respond to the e-mail address below as this is ALL the information that the Register has:
Mick Conde in Pittsburgh is planning to make new MG TD/TF gearbox cluster gears. He needs 25 orders, currently has 15, to make the price reasonable.  Price will be between $500.00 and $600.00 US$ each if you order now. Higher the quantity, the lower the price so final price depends on total quantity ordered. Quality should be the same as NOS gears as Mick will be using a NOS TD/TF cluster gear as a sample. Gear hardness will also be the same as NOS. Recently available repro cluster gears have been much softer than NOS, therefore wear more.
Please respond to Mick if interested


2 June 2005
Back in 4 November 2003, we reported on and added a YB Pick Up conversion.  The car was added to the Interesting Ys page, together with a request to the effect that "
We'd love to know more about this vehicle, so if you are (or know) the owner, can you ask him to contact us and let us have some more information please?"  The vehicle then simply dropped out of sight of most of us.  However, one of you was sufficiently taken by the uniqueness of this conversion that you decided to follow up, and ended up buying the vehicle!  Andrew Coulson relays the entire story now in the YB Pick UP page from Interesting Ys and also, not surprisingly, please welcome Andrew and Arlene Coulson with YB 0317 to Ys on Parade!


1 June 2005
This month's Picture of the Month features MG YT 4067 at Brooklands 2003.

Also, please welcome Ys 3237 and 6531 belonging to Tony Slattery to Ys on Parade.  Tony has also provided a photo of Bill Spall's Y 3407 for Ys at Weddings - Bill, if you are out there we'd love to have your car on Ys on Parade too please.

Also, the Reprinted Article for the start of June 2005 is taken from the Nuffield Organisation's In-house magazine Outlook from November 1948 and is a report on the YT from no lesser person than the John Thornley himself!  EnjoY.

Finally, I had a Technical Query which I asked our technical crew for guidance on.


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