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25 December 2003
Happy Christmas everyone!  We have often been requested for information on the current whereabouts of Ys by former owners so we have put together a page called Lost Ys.   We have also changed the Register your Y button to Registration and added a sub-menu for Register your Y and also for access to the Lost Ys page.  If you can help with the whereabouts of a missing Y, or want to ask about one, please contact the Registrar.


24 December 2003
Willem van der Veer has sent in a Christmas card this morning to the team here, and we thought it a good addition to Artists Impressions!  Thank you Willem, and everyone, this is your site, and you make it what it is.  Enjoy your Y over the festive season and a very Merry Christmas and Happy New Year to you all, Safety Fast.


22 December 2003
A bug on the Contact Us page was recently reported to me in that the page was not displaying the times for GMT and you local time.  This has now been fixed.


21 December 2003
After several quiet months, we have another technical query on the correct way to set up the front engine steady bar.


20 December 2003
Jack Murray's 2003 card can now be seen on the Artist's Impressions page.  Thank you Jack, and a HappY Christmas to you all, and your Ys too.  By way of additional interest the webmaster recently acquired a bound set of Automobile and Aviation Industries Magazine from the USA.  Very surprisingly the June 1947 one featured a picture of The New MG Y Sedan - no article, but a nice picture so we have added the page to the Reprinted Articles page for your enjoYment too.


19 December 2003
The MG Car Club have announced the dates for MG Silverstone weekend 2004 - See Events page.  A new link to the Classic British Car website, featuring a Y Type of course (Neil Cairn's car),  has been added to the Links page along with a link to Phil Seed's Virtual Car Museum too, under Other websites and Personal Homepages.


18 December 2003
Coming in fast now, (must be something to do with the Australian Summer that they prefer to be in front of a computer ...) is another episode in the
Antipodean Adventure from Richard Prior!


17 December 2003
Details of the MG Saloon Day 2004 have been added to the Calendar of Events.


16 December 2003
Richard Prior has sent in a picture of a mass MG wedding featuring an SA, a Magnette, and his YT at the wedding of Jessica Sherrill for Ys at Weddings.

Earlier in the Summer of 2003, Richard and his wife Barbara, together with four other Australians, visited the UK and Europe on an Antipodean Adventure.  Richard has now been able to sort through a myriad of photographs and has sent in the episode from 23 June to 3 July for us to enjoy too.


15 December 2003
Well, we now have the 100th YA on the Parade too! Please welcome Mark Brandow and Y 5483 to Ys on Parade.  Mark is also the owner of the MG specialist garage and parts supplier - Quality Coaches Inc. of Minnesota USA which we are pleased to add to the website under the Links page, Suppliers section, General and Service Parts subsection.


14 December 2003
Please welcome Bill Jenkinson and Y 0630 to Ys on Parade.  Bill's car is the earliest Y we have on the Parade from Australia and is clearly, from the chassis number, an early 1947 car (the 379th car off the line), but unfortunately we do not have the month of first registration.  Bill however, clearly enjoys the car.  We now have 205 cars on the Parade and the next YA will be the 100th YA!  Phenomenal, thank you, and please keep them coming in!  They are great to see.

Also, the mid-month abstract this month has been released to the Reprinted Articles page.  It is the first of two articles (next one will be available in mid-January 2004 and is authored by Philip Reckless, who also joined Ys on Parade earlier this month.

Sorry for not having updated earlier, but I have just literally got back in - 24 hours ago I was with Tim Tavani in his back yard with his YA in Arizona USA - a picture will follow.  Thank you Tim for your hospitality, ... and you have been warned!

Finally, for now at least, we have changed the last button on the Menu frame on the left of the screen.  Formerly, it was Artist's Impressions, but now it is Artistic Ys. Y you may well ask, have we done this?  Artist's Impressions are still very welcome and are available by hovering over the button and selecting as with many other buttons now.  However, we needed somewhere to launch our ever increasing submissions of Ys at Weddings - here seemed the most logical so we have opened up the scope!!  Go have a look!


5 December 2003
Please welcome James Lunn and YB 1048 to Ys on Parade.  Philip has recently returned from living in France, so welcome back too, and thanks for sending in your car.


4 December 2003
Some new Collectibles have been posted in the Manuals and Tools section for your delight.  Enjoy.


1 December 2003
This month's Picture of the Month is provided by Floyd Inman and shows two gracious old ladies - have a look.  On the Picture of the month pages you may notice that we have removed the table of previous month's Pictures of the Month.  This has been done to save download time.  However, these are still available - click on the link to go to the Archive of Picture of the Month on the Picture of the Month page to navigate to the new page.

Also new for this month is an updated Y Ledger listing from Neil Cairns now covering all Ys with SC2 engines.  While the data is still incomplete we now have a much fuller picture of the build dates of these cars.  This file can also be accessed from the Other Items panel on this page.

Finally, please welcome Philip Reckless and YB 0601 to Ys on Parade.  Philip is also currently undertaking the restoration of a YA too, and the December 2003 and January 2004 Reprinted Articles will be reprints of his articles originally published by Practical Motorist magazine.  We are also very pleased to another country to Ys on Parade following Rob Silk's recent move from The Netherlands to Belgium.  This bring the total of countries represented to 17 now with 203 Ys on Parade.  Good luck Rob in spreading the gospel of MG Y-Types to a new country - I am sure there must be others there to dig up and bring to the site please Rob.


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