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29 January 2014

Today, please welcome Neil Coombes and YT 4451 to Ys on Parade.


27 January 2014

More notes on how to refurbish Luvax Girling shock absorbers have been added to the Hints and Tips page.


26 January 2014

Mike Long has sent in a collection of pictures of his YB in action at his daughter's wedding. Thank you Mike.


23 January 2014

A new price list has been uploaded to the Reprinted Brochures and Price List page, from October 1952.


19 January 2014

A new painting by the late Doug Beagley has been added to the Artists Impressions page.


17 January 2014

The mid-month Reprinted Article comes from Enjoying MG, May 1990 and is entitled "The Left-Hand-Drive 'YA's" by John Lawson.


14 January 2014

Bob Simpson has updated the text on YT 4320.


11 January 2014

Sommertreff 2014 has had to be rescheduled by one week. Please see the Events page for full details as this will now be the weekend of 11 - 13 July 2014. Book early to avoid disappointment!


7 January 2014

The MG Car Club Y Type Newsletter notes from December 2013's Safety Fast have been uploaded.


2 January 2014

Thank you to everyone that pointed out that I had inadvertently reused the Picture of the Month from December 2010 as the Picture of the Month and my apologies to Peter Vielvoye for a short lived repeat! This has now been corrected and a picture of our Japanese International Representative Masaaki Sakaguichi and his family has been added as Picture of the Month.


1 January 2014

The 2014 Calendar has been uploaded for your pleasure and enjoyment. Please see the side panel for the link.

Karl Heinz Borchers has sent in details of Sommertreff 2014, so check your calendar and book now - you know last year's event was excellent, so now is your chance to participate in the MG Y European event of the year!

This month's Picture of the Month comes courtesy of Peter Vielvoye.

Mick Bath sent in a copy of an MG Service Parts Price List for MG Y parts.

We are also delighted to inform you of another extension of the International MG Y Type Register International Representatives. Richard Prior has joined us as Representative for Western Australia. "Richo's" introductory biography is copied below:

Introducing Richard Prior (alias Richo among others!)

I live in idyllic sunny Perth Western Australia, the world's most remote capitol city a mere 2700km (1670mi) from our nearest neighbour Adelaide. Western Australia forms the entire western third of Australia and covers 2,529,875 sq km (976,790 sq mi) but has a population of only 2.5m most of whom are in Perth and coastal regions. Read more...

We are continuing to look for an International Representative in the UK. If you think you share the passion and values that David Pelham had for MG Y Types and would like to follow on from him, please send the Webmaster an email and we will review your application.


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