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24 May 2010

It is with the deepest regret that I post the following sad news.

Alf Luckman, a long standing member of the MG Car Club Australia and a stalwart supporter of this site since its first, passed away on Friday May 21 in Woden Hospital, Australia Capital Territory. Alf one of our first international representatives and did an unstinting amount of work to promote the MG Y Type, both in Australia and worldwide. Anyone who came into contact with Alf was immediately captivated by his humour and love oflife, family and Y Types. He was a vigorous contributor to the website providing content and research, as well as hints and tips and contributions to the Bulletin Board. I rarely express my personal feelings on this website, but I (along with many others) have lost a great personal friend and he will be greatly missed. Our thoughts and prayers please for his family as he leaved behind his lovely long supporting wife, Dot, their daughter Janine, son Graham, and his grandchildren.

Funeral details as follows:

Thursday 27th May at 12 noon, Norwood Park Crematorium, Mitchell. Australia Capital Territory.

Dot and family has asked for some MGs to be present. If you are local, please attend with your Y Type - he was a great man. Thank you.


17 May 2010

For Y-Type rallying aficionados a new Snippet has been added with a YT in a night trial.


16 May 2010

The mid-month Reprinted Article has been released today covering the MG YB entry at the November 1952 Earles Court Motor Show in London, UK.


15 May 2010

Ivo Arnus sent in another great photo of his car - an amazing piece of MG Abingdon history that he uncovered during his restoration of YB 1550 - the last full bodied MG Y ... EVER.


12 May 2010

A new vendor has been added to the Y-Type Shopping Mall - for LED rear D light conversion and a Collectible card has been added too.


11 May 2010

Jerry Birkbeck recently imported his MG YT from the USA back into the UK and he wrote up his experience in Safety Fast.  This article has now been added to the Y Type Newsletter page.


10 May 2010

Roy Dockery has updated the photo of YB 1381 on Ys on Parade.

I have also received notification of a new supplier who will supply remanufactured rear seat ashtrays (these have been unavailable now for over 6 years!), Trafficator Switch return torsion springs, and gear lever anti-rattle springs made to Series-Y specifications not T-Type (which are completely different).  Watch the Y Type Shopping Mall page for more details!

Tony Slattery has also advised of a new Event for Australian owners too.


5 May 2010

A modified version to Roy Clapham's sump tank drip tray was suggested by Mike Long.  Roy has drawn up the modifications and these have been added to his original suggestion on the Hints and Tips page.

A summary of entries from Dorothy Hermann's book "S J Pereleman - a life" (ISBN 0-671-65460-8) concerning  Sid and his MG has been added to the entry for Sid's car onInteresting Ys.


4 May 2010

John Sanderson (Y 5729) posted a video of his engine on YouTube.  This is now also available from the Cars on Film and other media page in avi format.

Also a new lubrication chart has been added to the Collectibles from Norbert Lange.


2 May 2010

Today please welcome Iain Brown with YB 1500 to Ys on Parade.


1 May 2010

You have got to believe me on this - this is all a coincidence that this has all come together today - it was not planned that way for sure!

Christian Lecour continues the international YT run of Picture of the Month with a great shot of his YT 3421.

Please also welcome Ivo Arnus, with YB 1550 - the last full bodied MG YB ever - to Ys on Parade.

It is a total coincidence that both the Picture of the Month and Ivo Arnus' purchase of YB 1550 both happened the same day - 20 December 2007!

Also, purely by coincidence the Reprinted Article, MG Enthusiast Magazine and although it was the November 2008 edition (not December 2007) it is on YB 1551. the last MG YB chassis car that was made into a racing special by Dick Jacobs!

Is that amazing or what?

For those of you who are awaiting the release of YZ Publications books on CD, apparently they are a step closer to being able to take credit cards so not long now!


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