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24 April 2006

Thanks to Willem van der Veer for spotting another Y on Film - this time in "Le Petit Soldat".


17 April 2006

Happy Birthday! The website is 4 today!  It is amazing how time has flown by since we opened the first tentative pages, and the information and cars keep coming!  As a special present to you all, we are releasing another Reprinted Article for you.  This one is from Popular Classics November 1993.


15 April 2006

Last month a certain amount of consternation was caused by various comments about the speed of a Y Type.  This month's mid-month Reprinted Article addresses this very issue and will totally debunk the theory that Ys were, or are 'slow': see the article from Motoring September 1950 entitled 'Well ... you were right' for more details!


13 April 2006

It is with great sadness that we announce the passing of Keith Dillingham.  Neil Cairns writes:

"Keith Dillingham of Luton, that grand old man of the MGCC Y Register, died quietly on the 2nd March 2006, aged 89. He was featured in an article in Safety Fast magazine in January 1999 with his 1952 MG YB 'KJM539'. Keith had been a member of the MGCC from 1935, joining at the Abingdon Factory when he collected his first brand new Midget there. He was also given a 5 'MG' voucher for any extras he might wish to buy. He went back in 1952 to collect his brand new YB, having had to wait for it due to post-war restrictions. He attended Y Register meetings up until he could no longer drive, giving up his car in 2001 when 84.  We will miss him, and send our consolations to his surviving wife, son and daughter."

As a special tribute to Keith, we are releasing a special Reprinted Article this month being the one from Safety Fast January 1999 featuring Keith, with his YB.


9 April 2006

One of the greatest jobs in the world has got to be bringing new Ys on Parade to you.  I am delighted to add our first original special bodied Y Type.  Please extend a warm welcome to Armin Kuriger from Switzerland with the original Beutler bodied Y 1373 to Ys on Parade.  We hope to get some more photographs of this amazing new find (for us) and bring them to you soon.  Thank you Armin for sharing it with us.


4 April 2006

Bill Eberhardt has sent in a new picture of Y 0833 to Ys on Parade.  Bill has decided to sell the car and has placed an advert on the Classified Advertisements page.


4 April 2006

OK two things for you today - first off, everyone knows that YA/YT halfshafts are difficult to come by at the best of times, and impossible when you need one.  We are fortunate to have the possibility of a manufacturer stepping forward to make this unique part for our cars at exceptional quality.  Price, and feasibility, will depend upon the size of the batch so if you are interested, please email us here with your expression of interest and how many pairs you'd like.  We will compile these and see what the results are and let you know.

Secondly, and although this initiative began as a British demonstration of interest in classic cars, there is no reason why everyone worldwide cannot join in.  Apparently the FBHVC suggestion is that everyone with a vintage or classic vehicle of any description should use it and make it visible to the public on April 23rd.  There are no rules or entry fees, just use your classic vehicle that day: I will.


3 April 2006

More details have been supplied by Barry Lain for Y 0595 and these have been added to his entry on Ys on Parade.  Thank you Barry - great story and motivation if ever there was to get on with that restoration folks!


2 April 2006

Please welcome Barry Lain and Y 0595, the 301st car on Ys on Parade and the 142 YA - only another 6,000 to go and we'll have a complete listing.  Barry's car brings a whole new meaning to the term "Beyond Economic Restoration" and consequently he is having to break the car and it is currently advertised on the Classified Advertisements page.  There are still some rare and interesting pieces available.  Please contact Barry directly through the Classified Advertisement.


1 April 2006

We hope you enjoyed our special month on South Africa with 300 cars on the Ys on Parade pages now.  We begin April with the Picture of the Month featuring Des McCall's Y 4739 from Australia.  We also have a new Reprinted Article for you from Classic Car magazine August 1993 featuring the rebuild of the late Mervyn and Mary Davies' YT.  Who knows what else April will bring?


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