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 MG Y Type News  

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28 August 2012

Today, please welcome Don Walker with Y 4894 to Ys on Parade. Don's car makes another matched pair with Y 4895!

Two new Hints and Tips have been added too - one on curing a devious rattle from the sun roof by Neil Cairns, and one on paper rope to use as nail holders when fitting internal trim!


27 August 2012

Today, please welcome Chris and Annette Callaghan with YB 0933 to Ys on Parade. Chris and Annette are the new organiser's of the UK Spring Run, taking over from long time organiser Jerry Birkbeck and we wish Chris and Annette every success with that.

Mike Silk and the MG Car Club Y Type Register now have the special rear axle tool for the castellated nut on the MG Y/YT rear axle available for sale. To purchase, contact Mike direct as these are not currently listed on the MG Car Club Y Type Register Regalia lists.

The discovery by Richard Knight of the two MG YA videos on YouTube set me looking for others and while there are no new MG YT ones, I did find two more MG YB videos, of Len Shaw's car in the Gaydon Motor Museum, and Dave Hillman's YB at a car show! These have now been added to the Ys on Film and other media page too.


26 August 2012

Two short videos have been added to the Ys on Film and other media page, one from Sommertreff 2008 and the other believed to be from the Sarasota Motor Museum, Florida, USA and found by Richard Knight.


25 August 2012

Notes on how to remove the sunroof from an MG Y or YB have been added to the Technical Q & A page courtesy of Tony Slattery.


17 August 2012

Today we are pleased to announce the addition of David Pelham's excellent Oil Drip Trays to the wealth of MG Y specialist suppliers.  These quality drip trays can now be ordered direct from David here.


15 August 2012

The mid-month Reprinted Article is now available for downloading. It is the 1947 Continental Road Test report as featured in the Motor Magazine of 28 May of that year. Enjoy!


14 August 2012

Today, please welcome Bob Nicholson, the new owner ofY/T 3374 to Ys on Parade.

Also, YZ Publications announces the long awaited reproduction small parts for the MG YT, namely the correct pattern mirror stem so that you can hang your MG YT rear view mirror from the top rail of the windscreen, and also the correct pattern interior door handles too! See their page here. Ordering can be done through their secure website too.


11 August 2012

The Johnson Foundation MG YT was used as a wedding car! I understand that there were also some pictures taken of the bridal party too!


3 August 2012

Mick bath sent in two great pictures as he helped celebrate two Diamond Jubilees!


1 August 2012

Judith Edwards has updated her photograph of Y 5650 on Ys on Parade.

The Picture of the Month for August is another from Bob Simpson with 3 Y/Ts and a Y.

The Reprinted Article comes from The Motor magazine, November 1952 and is titled "One form of Madness" - not much has changed in all the intervening years as we are still afflicted by this madness!


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