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21 July 2008

Today, please welcome Rob and Karon Snell and his two Y-Types, Y 3117 and YT 2504 to Ys on Parade. Great picture angle there Robert on the YT- thanks.


20 July 2008

Douglas Lesch runs a wedding car hire business, so if you are thinking about getting married, and fancy something a little exotic, how about the Durban area KwaZulu-Natal, South Africa?  Douglas's website has been added to the Links page.

And now for a bit of culture, poetry to be precise.  Peter Sharp sent in the following:

This poem is about a fantasy situation; Iím sure this has never happened in real life. Itís a conversation between a wife and husband. The verses alternate between them, starting with the wife. (Note: Relate is a UK based marriage guidance agency.)


Why buy a Y Type darling?


Why buy a Y Type darling?

This really is a surprise.

I can see our savings dwindling

Before my very eyes.


Why buy a Y Type darling?

The prettiest MG saloon?

Itís really a wise investment

And sure to appreciate soon.


Have you taken leave of your senses?

Have you gone completely insane?

Youíll disappear into the garage

And the family wonít see you again.


My dear have no fears on that subject

Your worries I can forestall.

Itís finished and running; near perfect,

Needs no restoration at all.


He bought it but something odd happened

As if he was on some strange drug.

He started to buy bits and pieces

It started with only a mug.


Then an engine, a gearbox, an axle

And in seemingly no time at all,

A chassis, a body, some windows

And I told her Iíd bought "Jack-all".


I popped into his garage one evening

The shock! Oh I still bear the scars.

For hidden beneath a tarpaulin

Were enough parts to build two more cars.


We went to Relate after that.

Where the counsellors all questioned me,

ĎWho in their right mind would rebuild two cars?í

I had to admit, there were three.


I said, ĎThis is my ultimatum,

Pay attention to what I say.

Take your MG paraphernalia

And sell the lot on eBay.


That is the end of my story

Iím sorry I caused so much pain.

Iíve ridded myself of the bits, spares and parts.

Öand Iíve started all over again.

Not like real life ... is it?  Thanks Peter!


18 July 2008

Quite a lot to update you with today!  Firstly, we have passed the 150,000th visitor to the site!  Thank you for your continued visiting and we hope that you are continuing to enjoy the MG Y and the information we provide you with.  It is certainly a constant surprise to us just how much, and where this information comes from!

Secondly, three new books have been identified in which the MG Y features.  These have been added to the Book Review page.

Also, Peter Sharp drew our attention to a board game called "Touring England" featuring and MG YT on the box lid, and MG Y saloon shaped counters!  More details on the Collectibles page!

Finally, two additions to Interesting Ys have been made - some detail shots of Y 1805, the 'Al Moss' MG Y, and also the unique Carrozzeria Castagna Special Bodied Y of Roger Barlow.



16 July 2008

Phil Brackpool has updated the photo of YB 0346 on Ys on Parade.

It is also the middle of July and time for the mid-month Reprinted Article, the third and last article from the November 1983 edition of MG Magazine.  This time it is a two page Collector Guide to the Y!


15 July 2008

Please welcome Will Charlton as the new owner of Y 2413 to Ys on Parade.


12 July 2008

Mick Beakhouse has been making panels for Y Types for many years now.  Until just recently, he did not have a website, however he now has one.  Although he makes no mention of Y Type panels, he is very happy to discuss your requirements  A link has been set up on his entry on the Links page, and a quick link is available here.

Peter Chandler has also sent in new pictures for Y 1705 and Y 3750 to Ys on Parade.

Finally Andrew Coulson has provided the following news flash for Ripon Old Cars meeting. Full details are on the Events page.

Ripon Old Cars is coming up fast - Sunday 27th July 2008 - at Ripon Racecourse. As usual there will be over 500 mixed marque vehicles, including commercials, emergency service and military ones.

Arlene and I have booked the Y Register stand again - and are delighted that as of today we appear to be the No. 2 Y gathering in the UK after the Register Spring Run! (Bigger than Silverstone!!). 10 confirmed cars - including one never before seen on the roads - and all models, YA, YB, YT will be present.

We may not be able to take the YB pick up due to numbers - so far we have confirmed our YA and YT only -, but if more owners are hopeful of coming PLEASE. PLEASE, let us know a.s.a.p. so that we can negotiate a larger stand.

Catering will be F.O.C. but you need a Pass for entry or else it's pay on the gate.

Those lucky enough to make the short list - and you know who you are - will receive their passes early next week; if things change between now and the 27th, let us know in case we have reserves!

Final note is that if anyone is in need of any spares, let me know and the sheds will be scoured for your missing link.

Yours, written in driving rain but assured of everlasting sun for the Show!

Andrew & Arlene


9 July 2008

Today, please welcome Richard and Carol Verrill with Y 5206 to Ys on Parade and creates another matched pair with Karl Verstraelen's Y 5205.


8 July 2008

Andrew Coulson has sent in some more photographs of Y 6051 - the "breakdown truck" Y special.  These have been added to the Interesting Ys page.


7 July 2008

Willem van der Veer posted a short video on YouTube.com of a journey in his Y 5888.  This has now been added to the Ys on Film and other media page.


1 July 2008

The Reprinted Article at the start of this month continues the run of three articles from the US Publication 'MG Magazine' from the Winter of 1982/3.  This second article is called "Year of the 'Y'" and is by John Dugdale recalling that "Hope for the new cars - including MG's 1 1/4 litre saloon - ran high in 1947, when Europe was still recovering from the ravages of war."

The Picture of the Month this month is a great cartoon by Alwyn Morgan and shown in the June 2008 Safety Fast providing a good introduction to the Reprinted Newsletter from the Y Register in the same edition.


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