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 MG Y Type News  

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24 February 2007

Terry O'Brien has sent in some additional photographs of the straps showing them laced up.  See  Luggage straps for the MG Y.


23 February 2007

Today please welcome Tony Holmwood with YB 0658  to Ys on Parade!  Three consecutive days - three different models.


22 February 2007

Today please welcome Olivier Delauney and YT 2656  to Ys on Parade!


21 February 2007

Please welcome Tetsuya Aichi and Y 6554  to Ys on Parade: Y 6554 is the 350th car on the website, representing 4.19% of all Ys made!

Following up on the recent thread on the Bulletin Board which appears to have generated a fair amount of interest in the period straps used in connection with the loops fitted to the boot of the MG Y Type, Terry O'Brien has sent in some pictures of his which seem to accord with the consensus of descriptions submitted.  These can be viewed by clicking on the link in the left column to this page, or here Luggage straps for the MG Y.


17 February 2007

Y 6756 has a new owner - please welcome our youngest Y owner (unless you know differently of course) Lahiru Gamage, aged 14 - very discerning tastes!!  The car was previously incorrectly shown as being his fathers - apologies for the mistake.  Lahiru also recently allowed his car to be used for a wedding car and has sent in a superbly handsome picture of the decorated car for Ys at Weddings.


16 February 2007

I acquired an old showroom poster the other day, from the Golden Jubilee year of MG - 1979 featuring an MG YA.  This has been posted to the Collectibles page.


14 February 2007

The mid-month Reprinted Article this month is the first of five articles from MG Enthusiast and is an article by the venerable Malcolm Green.

Also, from Australia, Tony Slattery has sent in some photos for Interesting Y of another special bodied Y pick-up, or 'UTE'.  Tony is following up with the owner so hopefully we will have more details and photos of this Interesting Y soon.


8 February 2007

Today, please welcome Don Fry and Y 6409 to Ys on Parade.  This is Don's third Y!!.


6 February 2007

Matthew Crawford (Y 3847) has updated the text and picture to accompany his entry to Ys on Parade.  A copy of the picture has also been added to his entry on Ys at Weddings.


1 February 2007

Great news for aficionados of the silver screen and MG Ys - we have received kind permission from Lucasfilm to show a still of the MG Y saloon in Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom.  Check out the Ys on Film, and other media page.

Please also welcome Bill Daniels with Y 4389 to Ys on Parade.  Bill's car is our 170th YA!!

Also, added to the Technical Data page is a full SU manual on the H Carburettor as fitted to the YA, YT and YB.  We hope you find this useful.

The Reprinted Article for February comes from MG World Magazine of February 1999 and is about Pat Hand's YT 3623.

Dates for the 57th Silverstone International Meeting have been confirmed as 22 - 24 June 2007.  As usual, bookings can be made through the Main Club and the Link on the Events page.  Please also check out the special Diamond Jubilee gatherings: in the UK - the Spring Run, in the USA Pacific Northwest and in Australia,  special 'Y Type' only events.  Full details are also on the Events page.

Finally, the Picture of the Month this month follows the progress of the nesting Honeyeater birds who have taken up residence in Ted Evan's YA that he is still in the process of restoring around them.  Talk about starting them young!!


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