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24 November 2015

Today, please welcome Thomas Webb II and YB 0973 to Ys on Parade! YB 0973 is reunited again with YB 0974 but she will need a complete drive train so if you know of some YB parts please let the Webmaster know for Thomas.


16 November 2015

The mid-month Reprinted Article has been uploaded and comes from Practical Classics, November 1980. It is a short article on the monetary values for MG Y Types back in 1980! Interesting to note that the price range then of £150 to £2,000 is the equivalent in today's money of £678.13 to £9,055.12!


2 November 2015

Today, please welcome Mike Millard and Y 4597 to Ys on Parade!


1 November 2015

Andrew Sorouni has added his Y 3657 to Ys on Parade!

This month's Picture of the Month is from the Diamond Jubilee celebrations in Australia, 2007. The caption is unapologetically mine.


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