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21 February 2005

Today, please welcome Colin Gibson with Y 2278 to Ys on Parade.


20 February 2005

Andrew Coulson has advised that the recently added Motor Show advert is in fact from 1948.  I have reclassified the advert into the 1948 section.  Andrew also has a colour version of this advert which he has promised to send us soon!


17 February 2005

David Mullen and Tim Griggs have both sent in some interesting contemporary adverts featuring MG Ys.  David's is from the September edition of Practical Motorist and Motor Cyclist, and suggests brush painting your Y (Webmaster's advice: Don't do it), while Tim's is a second-hand car advert for a highly modified MG YB - the last off the line, which by my reckoning would make it YB 1550.  We wonder where that car is now?  The date range on Reprinted Advertisements has been extended to cope with these interesting additions.  I have also acquired an advert from an unknown, and undated publication proclaiming "See them at the Motor Show".

Also of interest and a new acquisition is a new Collectible - a card from the Kellogs Corn Flakes Breakfast cerial.


14 February 2005

First off, thank you to Rob Dunsterville who suggested that we might be able to possibly age Tommy Pace's car using the date stamp on the various pieces of Lucas equipment.  Tommy came through to me the other day with a wonderful piece of news - his brother had located the car's ID card and we are now able to fully designate Tommy's car as Y 2061!  The YA Parade page has accordingly been updated - as has the link in the previous news bulletin! This can now be confirmed as another "new find" to the register.

By contrast nothing so exciting - merely this month's mid month update with a reprinted article - a buyer's guide reprinted from Practical Classics, October 1997.  This article is also included in the book  Y-Type & Magnette ZA/ZB by Brooklands, but since it may be useful as a reprint to prospective Y buyers we have decided to make an exception of it.  To compensate those who may already have bought the book, we have included a reprint from a book published in 1948 of British Cars too.

Don't forget to register for the Spring Run if you haven't already done do.  Application forms are on the Events page.


7 February 2005

Please welcome Tommy Pace and his YA to Ys on Parade.  Tommy is from Malta and is our 21st country on Ys on Parade!  Although Tommy knows a lot about the car, including the date of first registration, sadly the chassis number plate has gone missing some 37 years ago.  If any one has a good idea how we can locate the chassis number (other than the front chassis leg on which Tommy is reluctant to look at as it would entail scraping off the Zinc paint something he does not want to do) please email the webmaster.

Arecent addition to the brochure file from the Nuffield Group has been reproduced for you on our Reprinted Brochures page.  I have also recently acquired a copy of a page from Autocar magazine November 1949, showing another shot of Gene Tierney and her MG 1 1/4 Saloon on taking delivery of it.


5 February 2005

It is often remarked upon that one of the greatest traits of an Englishman is that if he cannot laugh at himself, at whom can he laugh?  Thank you David Hague, for your latest contribution to our Ys at Weddings page!  What else can I say!!


3 February 2005

Des McCall of Victoria, Australia has finished his restoration of Y 4739 and has sent a new photograph for the YAs on Parade page - nice job Des!


1 February 2005

February already!  If you have not yet entered for the UK Spring Run, please do so!  Jerry has put together another wonderful day for everyone, so please turn out and support him in his noble aim of getting 50 Ys.  You can download an application form from the Events page as usual.

Another contemporary advert has come into my collection, an early one from August 1947, which has been added to the Reprinted Advertisements page

This Month's Picture of the Month is provided by David Pelham. Thank you David.  It shows 3 Y convertibles, one of which is the YA Reinbolt & Christe's Cabriolet of Ernst Kengelbacher.


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