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 MG Y Type News  

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23 October 2013

Today, please welcome John Ross with Y 4742 to Ys on Parade. John's car is yet another new find and survivor!


20 October 2013

Today, please welcome Robert Evans with Y 6215 to Ys on Parade and Charles Wiggins has also updated his text and photograph for YT 4313 too.

Malcolm Perry (YB 1516) has also sent in a picture of his car at a Wedding too!


19 October 2013

Today, please welcome Malcolm Perry with YB 1516 to Ys on Parade.


16 October 2013

Mick Bath has updated the photograph and text for YB 0686 in Ys on Parade.


15 October 2013

The Reprinted Article is a reprint from Enjoying MG, February 1986 entitled The MG YT by John Lawson.


6 October 2013

Five new film clips have been added from the YouTube website for our cars for you to enjoy on our Ys on Film page.


3 October 2013

Matt Sanders has acquired yet another Y (way to go Matt) this time a two seat special and has sent it into Ys on Parade.


1 October 2013

The Picture of the Month is a great example of the International nature of MG Y ownership!

Adam Lombard acquired a photograph of another Lost Y. As usual, if anyone out there knows anything about this car, please let us know.


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