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28 April 2013

Please welcome Janet Hunter with Y 6675 to Ys on Parade. Although Janet is not the current owner, she was the proud owner in 1965/66 and has asked to have the car displayed under her name since it is not currently on show. Thank you Janet and a great looking car you were no doubt proud of in the mid 1960's.


17 April 2013

Today we are pleased to welcome Hiroshi Ogawa with Y 1857 to Ys on Parade. Hiroshi's car is the one in the new video that was added to the Ys on Film page on 15 April 2013.


15 April 2013

Today we are pleased to welcome Jay Clark with YT 4112 to Ys on Parade.

A new video has been added to the Ys on Film page from our newest member from Japan, Hiroshi Ogawa.

The Reprinted Article for the month has also been added too. It is another vintage tour from 'The Autocar' magazine dated 7 April 1950


7 April 2013

Thank you David for your note on 5 April. It was indeed a great day for the International MG Y Type Register, and it is one that only you have made possible, so Thank You all.

5 April is more memorable for me, because we added the 3,188th car to the Database which now covers in some detail or other 38.24% of all Production of the MG Series Y! Our new entry is a previously unknown survivor car originally imported into Portugal and that has remained in Country since it was first sold. My mind links to the Book Wheelspin Abroad which recounts the 1947 Rally Estoril - the first ever known rallying of the MG Y - which finished up in Lisbon. Copies of this are available as a Free Bonus Track on the Lawson/May CD from YZ Publications. You cannot help but wonder if the first owner was influenced by the MG Y's performance in the Rally Estoril at all! If you have not read a copy of this book, buying the CD is worth it just for that track, never mind the other great features on it.

So, with that in mind, please extend a warm welcome to João Alfredo Gomes de Nóbrega Araújo, with Y 0646 to Ys on Parade. João's car is the second Y on Parade from Portugal!


5 April 2013

I only usually stand in for Paul as Deputy Webmaster when he is on holiday but another 'Milestone' in the history of the International MG Y Type website took place at 07:30 GMT this morning. It was at 00:30 Pacific Time (where our webmaster was hopefully asleep) so I decided to post the news that www.mgytypes.org has received its 300,000th visitor. We know that these visitors are not unique but nevertheless it is amazing statistic that we can all be extremely proud of — you especially as it is your website and you have made it what it is.

This site neither wants nor receives sponsorship. It is consequently 'Pop up'/advertising free and populated only with items relating to Y Types. It continues to thrive and be relevant as a direct result of your continued involvement and submissions to the content we receive from you. We have recently been informed of the oldest surviving Y Type (the 14th made) in the UK and second oldest in the world (after Y0253 in India) and within a few days we received notification from Argentina that the 297th Y Type manufactured is in the process of restoration. We have 2 of the original 16 Y types exported to Uruguay featured on Ys on Parade; now we have three in South America.  It is amazing how even now, almost 11 years since the website started, that we continue to locate new surviving cars in all corners of the earth and we welcome all of them.  Additionally, we seem to find out more new information and data every month!

In recent weeks we have been made aware of a unique factory modification to a small number of YT/EXU models that were exported to a Canadian Distributor.  We are working together with Y type owners in Canada to confirm details of this; more to follow.

All of this information comes as a direct result of your continued support and enthusiasm. We thank you all for making this, your website, the great success it is.


1 April 2013

The Picture of the Month is a great shot of Pete Chandler's Y 3570 while it was being restored!


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