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23 October 2004

As winter draws in for the Northern Hemisphere, and the long days of Summer for the Southern, another picture puzzle has been added to the side column to keep you busy.  It's harder than the first, with more pieces, so if you haven't done the first picture puzzle - start with that one!!


22 October 2004

Today please welcome Ruth Corbin and YT 3245 to Ys on Parade. Sadly Ruth is now unable to keep this car and is looking to sell it.  It is a rarer than rare YT/EXU being 1 of only 29 ever made.  If you are interested in purchasing the car contact can be made through David Pelham.


18 October 2004

Willem van der Veer has sent in another Collectible - a rare stamp from the Free Territory of Trieste, for us to enjoy.  These are even rarer than the Yugoslavian equivalent he sent in earlier.


17 October 2004

David Pelham has supplied an updated YT Listing for us.  Having now traced 150 surviving YTs (or 17% of total production) David has revised and updated his listings for us to study and enjoy.  David enjoys hearing from other YT owners and can be reached via the Contact Us page.


15 October 2004

Well, it was a quiet month, until a few days ago as I started preparing the mid month update Reprinted Article.  This month we visit the pages of MG Enthusiast from April 1984 for a Mini-Profile of the Y Type.  While this was in preparation I received a newTechnical Query on Brake cable grease equivalents, a new Hint and Tip (from Scott Barrow) on oil viscosity cross matching, and a new car for Ys on Parade!

Today, please welcome Diane and Graham Best and Y 3130 to Ys on Parade.


2 October 2004

Today, please welcome Graham Bushnell and Y 6374 to Ys on Parade.


1 October 2004

At the beginning of October, please welcome Captain William Hiland and Y 4629 and Christian Huber with Y 6125 to Ys on Parade.  Y 6125 joins its sister car Y 6124, to make yet another "pairing" on the Parade!  We also have another new Picture of the Month for you.


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