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22 January 2018

The event flyer for the 2018 Sommertreff has been uploaded. Please check the event brochure out and book early for your space on the 2018 European MG Y Event of the year.

Also a new Snippet has been added at the bottom of this page.


15 January 2018

Today, please welcome Peter Willows and YB 0825 to Ys on Parade.

Also the mid-month Reprinted Article has been uploaded. It is another review of the highly successful 70th Anniversary Weekend in Australia as printed in the MG Octagon Car Club magazine The Bulletin August 2017. You will find this towards the bottom of the page.


3 January 2018

Continuing the anniversary theme, this month's Picture of the Month is provided by Rob Snell from the 65th Anniversary celebrations of the birth of the Y in 2012. We will continue to keep the 70th Anniversay home page up until the end of March 2018 (being the end of the 70th year of production).

Apologies for the late updating of the site for the new year, the Webmaster has been revising many pages to eliminate many of the coding errors that have either crept in over the years or are a result of HTML coding standard changes. There are many more pages to go, so please let me know if pages do not behave as expected! Thank you.


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