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MG YT Factory Production Records ~ recreated

 (1.8mb)  A PDF file by David Pelham (updated 10 October 2018).


Fractions to Decimals to Millimetres

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UK Licence plates

A document reproduced here by kind permission of the Chiltern Vehicle Preservation Group


Parts Cross Reference pages

Look up modern supplier part numbers for your MG Y Type Parts needs

MG Service Department Service Sheet Amendments


The XPAG Cooling System

by Gene Gillam


The Alternate Parts List

by John Lawson. This is a very useful cross reference on many Y/YT and YB parts and lists other cars that had the same parts.


Guide for Users of Historic Vehicles



Safety Fast Newsletters

A full back catalogue of Newsletters scanned from Safety Fast, from the first in 1992, to date.


The MG Y Type Buyer's Guide

A miscellany of resources and articles to help you decide on how to buy and what to look for.


Original brochure
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5 Speed YB Conversion

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MG Icon and instructions
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MG Engine History

A PDF file by Neil Cairns - Version 9.0. (1.3mb)


MG Y Ledgers

(310kb) A PDF file with an introduction by Neil Cairns of guarantee plates, chassis numbers and engine numbers, where this information is known.


Post War M.G. Saloon cars 1947 - 1999

(4.5mb including colour pictures) by Neil Cairns.


Luggage straps for the MG Y

Details on the luggage straps that were available as a period optional extra.


Stories from the Rear view mirror

Historical research on individual cars by their owners.


Models of the MG Y Type

Details of models of the MG Y Type.


Historical Timeline of Y history events and contemporary world news.


Sister Cars to the MG Y Type

by Neil Cairns


The MG Y Type Tool Kit

by Jeremy Havard.


Terry Ciantar's original tool kit Photographs by Terry Ciantar.


Service tools for use in the MG Series Y


26 October 2002

Alf Luckman (our Australasia representative) has just filed a report on the Sydney Concours day.  This can now be accessed from our Events Page.


24 October 2002

Chanaka Jinasena has sent us three more photographs of his restoration - in his words "The light at the end of the tunnel ... as far as the body work goes is quite visible now. I am very impressed with the new sliding roof panel: it slides back and forth as smooth as silk. The lock works great too."  Also, we have some more photographs from Geoff Mellor and his restoration project too.  See Interesting Ys for both of these updates.

Also, please welcome Sally Carroll and YB 0610 to Ys on Parade as the 23rd YB.


22 October 2002

Ys on Parade continues to grow as Mike Silk and YT 2744 make it 87 Ys on Parade. Please welcome him and his car.


21 October 2002

I have added my recent addition Y 4099 to Ys on Parade today making it 86 Ys on Parade. Sadly the car is now being broken for parts.

Roger Furneaux, better known to many as "MAD METRICS" has supplied us with a price list, that you can now down load from the Links page under his entry.  Roger is a "pure" enthusiast providing a specialist service as a hobby!  He can supply any nut, bolt, tap, die, bearing or seal needed for our wonderfully Mad Metric cars.


20 October 2002

Please welcome Manfred Schluz and YB 0810 from Germany to Ys on Parade. As can clearly be seen from this photograph, Manfred's car is an excellent example!


14 October 2002

Well, 6 months on, ... and they said it would never last!  Over 7,300 hits so far!  Thank you for helping make this one of the most happening MG Sites.  Please remember, this is YOUR SITE and it can only remain vibrant by your input.  We currently have a small backlog of Pictures for future months, but please send us your contributions.  We cannot promise to feature it straight away, but we will eventually, sometimes stuff will climb the ladder as it may be of a more "current event" than others, but do not be put off.  Please also send a paragraph or two about the location / event to add interest to the photograph.

After a long dearth of new Ys on Parade, please welcome Tim Griggs and Y 6418.  Tim's car won the NTG Cup for best YA / YT at this year's Spring Run, and he brings the total of Ys on Parade to 84.  I am sure there are more of you out there who have not sent in a photograph and paragraph about your Y, so please do.  Let us try and reach the 100 mark soon!

A bumper update for you today. We have a report by Jerry Birkbeck on the Y Type 10th Anniversary Tour of Brittany available from the Events page with photos by Jack Murray, we have another brochure for you in the Reprints pages, there is a new colour advert on the Adverts page (sadly of unknown date and source) and finally, (not that any of you need it but) we have a Trivia Quiz for you (see the side column).  Jerry has also assured me that he is currently working on the Spring Run 2003. There is also a new 40th Birthday Cake on the Artist's Impressions page- this time it is from my 40th, a few years ago! 

VIRUSES On a less happy note, please be aware that certain people who have nothing better to do than send hoax and virus infected emails have started "pretending" to send emails allegedly from @mgytype.org addresses.  Please ensure that your computer has the latest antivirus software drivers and this should not be a problem.  If in doubt, please contact your computer supplier.  The viruses concerned are mainly the klez-32 type.  Sorry about these sad individuals, but hope that you continue to enjoY the site.


6 October 2002

At long last, we have got around to setting up a "technical" page with the help of Neil Cairns and David Pelham.  For full details of how we propose to offer this service, please go to the new button on the contents (you may have to scroll down for it).  We hope that this service may be assistance to you.


4 October 2002

David Ardill from Australia has been researching the history of his YT, and has uncovered an interesting sporting heritage to his car.  Details can be found by selecting YT 4265 from the Interesting Ys Tab.  It is well worth a look!


2 October 2002

Apologies to those of you who tried to download the Picture of the Month, which I had forgotten to upload - that has now been corrected.  Also, welcome to Roger Cross who is now the new owner of Y 3578, as the updated entry on Ys on Parade now shows.  No doubt, Roger will supply a suitable paragraph when he can!

The Links Page has a new Link to John Arkley's restoration pages too.

Also, we now have the story behind the picture for last month, and as David Pelham says, the captions are much better!


1 October 2002

October already and we are heading up to our first six months already!  As you may know, Neil Cairns is a prolific writer and you can now download some of his publications from the panel on the left of this News.  From some of the pictures that have been kindly sent in, we have compiled a Wall Calendar for 2003 for you.

Beside the usual mid month upload of a brochure, there will be a little quiz, just to see if you really know a lot about Ys.  This has been set by David Pelham, our PR man, so complaints to him please!  Watch out for it later.  Meanwhile, please keep the Ys on Parade coming.

Finally, NTG have asked if I can change the download method of their catalogue.  The link from our Links Page has been updated accordingly.

Please continue to enjoY the site.


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