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H G Cox letter 27 August 1947

(99kb)  A letter to Sir Miles Thomas detailing sales early orders for the MG Y.

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Post War M.G. Saloon cars 1947 - 1999

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Sister Cars to the MG Y Type

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Terry Ciantar's original tool kit

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Service tools for use in the MG Series Y


28 May 2003

We have just had our first entry in the Guest book from Pedro in Spain!  Pedro, thank you very much for your kind comments, you did not leave an Email address where we can get back to you, but we would love to be able to help you further, and especially if you have an MG Y Type, we'd love to add our first MG Y from Spain to both our register records and to Ys on Parade so please do contact either the webmaster or the registrar again.

I shall be away on 1 June, so your monthly update will be done on 2 June 2003 instead.  I look forward to my usual overflowing mail basket when I get back on 10 June!


24 May 2003

Please welcome Bruce Wyre with Y 2378 to Ys on Parade as our 170th entry!


23 May 2003

Please welcome Roger Webb and YB 0326 to Ys on Parade.


22 May 2003

A new Hint and Tip has been added based around the entries by Neil Cairns and Tim Griggs to the BBS recently on water pump problems and the front engine tie-bar.

Also, a new Link has been posted under the Personal Homepages section to Jill Bagg's homepage where there is a photograph of her excellent MG Y Saloon.


21 May 2003

Today, please welcome another two to Ys on Parade, this time both are Ys and are Syd Cheetham with Y 6623 and Jim Pritchard with Y 6577.  This means that we now have more than 2% of all Ys ever built on the Parade - and there are more out there yet!


19 May 2003

Please welcome Robert Goodchild with YB 0477 and Richard Dick with YB 1528 to Ys on Parade.  Robert's car was first owned by the MG Car Company Limited, and Richard owns the second youngest Y Type on the Parade (to date!).

A new University Motors key ring has been added to Collectibles, courtesy of Richard Knight.


17 May 2003

Since the hoax emails have re-started circulating again concerning jdbmgr.exe again, we have put a page on the site where you can readily check for the latest top ten viruses and hoaxes before you dive in and delete system files.  This page can be accessed by scrolling down the contents bar on the left of the screen until you get to blue hyperlink text and click on it.  This service is free of charge and we hope that you will find it useful to navigate through the minefield of false information that is circulated these days.


15 May 2003

Please welcome Joe Nelson and Y 2744 to Ys on Parade.  Joe is our first Y on Parade from Scotland, and Joe's car is yet another "new find" that was not previously known in either the records of the MG Car Club, nor was this car previously known to The Y Type Register!  Good to see you Joe, and welcome.

Also added is a link to Ian Guy's website.  Ian is an motoring artist and will accept commissions to do paintings of your Y Type.  You can see the painting he made of his father in law's MG Y on our Artist's Impressions page.


14 May 2003

For those of you who have not looked at it recently we have had a spate of entries to the Guest Book, all of them commenting on the site, and for that we thank you all who have taken the time to add to site by taking the time to post your feedback on your enjoyment.  Some of you, we noted, have a Y, but we do not yet have it on the Ys on Parade, so please take a couple of extra minutes to complete the registration form for our Registrar's records, and also to fill in the form for Ys on Parade (and attach a picture) so that other's can share in your enjoyment of your Y, whatever the condition.  Please do not think "Oh it's not as good as those on the web", as we have said, we love all Ys and it is great to already have so many (163 to date) on the site.  Some of the Guest Book entries are also highly amusing and also help keep us sane!  Do take a look - we had a super one from David Brandon on Sunday, and another today from Italy!!  Thank you again.

In recognition of this, another very rare model Y has been added to the Collectibles page.  Check out the full information on this model there.


13 May 2003

Clearly a good month for Ys on Parade as we welcome Mike Waltho with Y 7281 and Mike Storey with YB 1063.  Mike Waltho has our youngest Y (to date at least!).

Ted Gardner has also sent in some photographs from the Spring Run 2003 - see the report from the Events page.  Thanks to every one we have a good selection now.


12 May 2003

Today, please welcome Chris and Kathy Longden with YT 4067 to Ys on Parade.  Andrew Adamson has also sent in some photographs from the Spring Run 2003 - see the report from the Events page.


11 May 2003

In the news update yesterday we asked was Alan Chick's ownership of YB 1470 a record?  Well, a long time it may be, but he is beaten, of course by Terry (and Linda) O'Brien from Vancouver with their YT 4217 which they have owned since 1956 -  47 years!  So, Terry takes first place overall, and first place for YT ownership too, and Alan is our second longest and longest YB owner.  The question is now, "Who is the longest owner of a Y(A) and how long then?"

While on the subject of YT's we have a very amusing guest book entry in this morning from David Brandon in Australia!  Congratulations David, and we look forward to featuring your car on Ys on Parade presently.  Also, a little bit earlier than usual but to complete the YT theme of this update, this month's feature reprinted article is from 1990, however, we need your help as this is almost the last we have heard of the car featured in the article.  Does anyone know the current whereabouts of YT EXR 5033, was then registration plate BSK 109 and was last known of in the Sheffield, UK area?  If you do, please contact the Registrarhere as we will be pleased to see it up on the site too.


10 May 2003

Here are two more entrants to Ys on Parade, please welcome Alan Chick with YB 1274, and Roger Clements with YB1470.  Alan Chick (and YB 1274) is our first car resident in the Principality of Wales, UK, and YB 1274 has been Alan's for 44 years now!  Is this a record?


7 May 2003

Chanaka has sent us two further pictures of the progress on his rebuild of Y 0900.  Please check out his car on Interesting Ys.


6 May 2003

On 4 May we welcomed Brian Cox from Lincolnshire with YB 0954, today though, please welcome another Brian Cox, this time from Wiltshire with Y 1634 to Ys on Parade!  Are there any more Y owners out there, called Brian Cox whose car we haven't yet got on the Parade?


5 May 2003

Today, please welcome Russ Bees with Y 5784 to Ys on Parade.  Russ's car is in fabulous condition and is a rare Left Hand Drive example.  Thanks for sending in your entry Russ, and thank you to every one else who has shown their car too - we love looking at them all.


4 May 2003

Please welcome Brian Cox with YB 0954 and Alan Pratt with YB 1497 to Ys on Parade.  We now have 156 Ys on show: these two were on this years Spring Run at Snowshill Manor - see the report on the Events page.  Do not forget the Picture quiz, if you are not sure what something is - have a guess, we might publish the most humorous answers too!


2 May 2003

Please welcome Allan Singleton with YT 3591 to Ys on Parade.  Allan is currently looking for a half shaft, please see the current thread on the Bulletin Board if you can help him.


1 May 2003

Do not forget the Picture quiz.  Identify as many of the pictures as possible, and send in your answers. You could win a Millennium Y Type model!  Closing date for entries is 31 May 2003. In the event of more than one person correctly identifying all 12 pictures, Peter Arnell will draw the winners name from a hat.  We will publish the names of all those who achieved full marks.  The quiz will also be available on the side of the News under "Other Items".  You may enter as many times as you wish.  Good luck!

A new hint has been added to Hints and Tips, based on the advice offered recently on the BBS on how to remove hubcaps without damaging the paint on the wheel rim.  I shall be making one up for my car soon too!  There are three new links to other websites with Y related matters on the Links page too.

Those of you with Java enabled browsers should hopefully now be enjoying an updated Welcome page - if your browser does not support Java, please contact your ISP for support on obtaining an update.  We hope you like it, as we think it an improvement!  If you did not notice the changes, go back and have (closer) another look!  (Updated posted early because we are having a committee meeting tonight!)


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