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Terry Ciantar's original tool kit

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Service tools for use in the MG Series Y


29 October 2008

Slater Reynolds has updated both the text and the picture on Ys on Parade for Y 0330.


27 October 2008

When I was tidying up I came across another old advert from the Coronation edition of Punch magazine which has subtle differences between it and the similar advert from June 1953.  This has also been added to the 1953 section of the Reprinted Advertisements page.

Also, I came across the magnificent programme produced by the MG Car Club for the Gold Coast, Australia that they had produced for the 2007 Easter gathering, and the magnificent miniaturised version of the Export brochure too.  These have been added to the Collectibles page.  Apologies for the late posting of these guys!

Finally, two reviews, one of the MG Y, and the MG YT have been added to the Links page from the MG Owners Club site.


26 October 2008

Today, please welcome Gareth Phillipson and Y 1040 to Ys on Parade.

Also, a great new advert - for Nuffield Cars, but only featuring a Y has been added to the 1948 section of the Reprinted Advertisements page.


25 October 2008

Today, please welcome William Spall and Y 3407 to Ys on Parade.


24 October 2008

The earlier miscalculation of Ys on Parade has been traced and I have recalculated!  Today, however, please welcome Paul Eastburn from Devon, UK with Y 5330 to Ys on Parade as our genuine 400th car on the Parade! 

Tony Slattery has also sent in a report on the 60th Anniversary gathering to celebrate the launch of the MG YT in Adelaide, South Austalia.  This is now accessible from the Events page or here.  Forewarned is forearmed - so make a date for your calendar as the next gathering in Australia for Y-Typers will be at the M.G. Car Clubs of Australia National Meeting to be held at Geelong in Victoria over Easter 2009. The Geelong meeting will see the presentation of the "David Lawrence Trophy" for the best performance of a Y-Type at National Meetings every year since 1970.  More details on both the event and the "David Lawrence Trophy" have been promised shortly ... so watch this space for news!


23 October 2008

Malcolm Hardy has updated the photograph for his Ys on Parade entry for Y 6124.


22 October 2008

Continuing the postal theme, a sheet of commemorative stamps have  Collectibles page.

Today, please welcome Neville Mann of New Zealand with Y 1441 to Ys on Parade.


21 October 2008

Another post card from Taunton featuring an MG Y Type has been added to the Collectibles page!


18 October 2008

With everything going on on 15 October I completely forgot to publish the mid-month Reprinted Article - our oldest so far going back to May 1947.  It is a reprint of an article from the Motor Trader magazine and is titled "Bid for the Family Market".

While we are on the family theme, please welcome our first Y on Ys on Parade from a communist country - China.  We already have one from Cuba on Ys at Weddings (which we hope to get on the Parade soon).  Today, please welcome Jean Lau and Y 3724!


16 October 2008

Stevson Motors (UK) - rebuilders of Shock absorbers now have a website.  This has been added to their entry on the Links page.


15 October 2008

We are pleased to add pictures from the wedding of Ben and Alannah Noffke to Ys at Weddings.

The following notice is from Tony Slattery and concerns Geelong 2009:

I am staying at the Comfort Inn Parkside with some of the contingent from MGCC Queensland. 

It would be great if all the Y-Typers could stay together, but I don't think we are that well organised yet (or have certainty of numbers attending to do that at Geelong).  Maybe in Adelaide in 2010 ?.

At present the following persons (in no particular order) have indicated to me that they will be taking their Y-Type to Geelong :-

    Slattery - YT

    Ades - YT

    Brewer - YT

    Fry - YA

    Hudson - YA

    Dewley - YA

    Loader - YA

We are as you can see still a little short on the 6 YT's and 6 YA's required for the host club to provide a separate class each for Saloons and Tourers.

I am flying to Adelaide this week-end to attend their 60th YT Anniverasry Run on Sunday, and will encourage as many Y-Typers as possible to make the trip to Geelong in 2009.

Now to other Y-Type Geelong News :-

I have still to clear it with the MG National Meeting Committee (my apologies in advance to Margaret and Fred), however, the Australian Y-Type Register will be presenting a perpetual trophy at Geelong to honour those Y-Types and owners that have participated at National Meetings since 1970. 

The "David Lawrence Trophy" will be awarded to the participant with the highest aggregate score over all the events at the National Meetings. 

It is hoped that many of those persons whose names are already inscribed on the trophy will be there to see it presented to the winner for 2009. 

The winners of the "David Lawrence Trophy" have been established for the years 1977, 1979, 1985, 1990, 1991, 1993 - 2008, but we are still to find results for the missing years since 1970.

If you know anyone who may have results from the following National Meetings could you please send me a copy :- 1970 - 1976, 1978, 1980 - 1984, 1986 - 1989 & 1992.

So come all you fence-sitters, get your Y-Type to Geelong for a chance to have your name on a Trophy with 38 years of history of Y-Types at National Meetings !. 

It is an outstanding and unique trophy that will only be unveiled for the first time at Geelong - SO BE THERE !!!!.

The Australian Y-Type Register will also be organising a dinner on the "free night" of the National Meeting at Geelong, so we can all get together as a group of like minded MG Enthusiasts.  More details when we know how many will be attending.

So please one and all - spread the word & see you, in a Y-Type, in Geelong, in 2009.

Yours in Y-Types

Tony Slattery

PS - for all the inside information on the Geelong National Meeting, go to :- www.mgcc.com.au



14 October 2008

Today, please welcome Peter Sharp and YB 1127 to Ys on Parade.


11 October 2008

It must be postcard week this week as we have three new items added to the Collectibles page, all postcards: one from Willem van der Veer' son Thomas, one from Karel Vermeer and one that I found on eBay too!


8 October 2008

Today, please welcome Jim Price and Y 5232 to Ys on Parade.


7 October 2008

Richard Knight has updated the text to go with the new photograph he posted last month of YB 0655.


2 October 2008

Some time ago we posted a link to an on-line poll being run by BBC Radio Oxford for your favourite car.  The choices included, Morris Marina, Ford Cortina Mk I, Ford Cortina 1600 Mk II, Austin Princess, Mini Cooper, Reliant Robin, Aston Martin, Mazda Premacy, Rover SD1, MG P Type, Clan Crusader, VW Van, Austin Allegro, Honda Jazz, VW Golf, Rover 60, Land Rover, Austin Ambassador and our very own MG Y Type.  Well, the winner of the poll, with 732 of the 1,829 votes cast, at a cool 40% was ... the MG Y Type!  Second place went to the VW Van with a mere 384 votes or 21%!!  See the announcement here.

Also, we have a new addition to the Artist's Impression page from Dermot Gallaher.

Well spotted David Mullen, I had jumbled the pages in the Reprinted Article: they have now been corrected.  Apologies if this affected your enjoyment of the article.


1 October 2008

The Picture of the Month this month comes from Sri Lanka and features an MG Y outside the Mount Lavina Hotel.  This Y is currently unknown to the Register so if any of our Sri Lankan owners can track it down via the Hotel management and let us know the details it would be appreciated.  It would also be great to be able to add the car and owner to Ys on Parade.

The Reprinted Article comes from the January 9 1948 edition of Autocar and is entitled "Making the Grades".


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