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H G Cox letter 27 August 1947

(99kb)  A letter to Sir Miles Thomas detailing sales early orders for the MG Y.

MG YT Factory Production Records ~ recreated

 (1.8mb)A PDF file by David Pelham (updated 10 October 2018).

The Complete Manchester XPAG Files

by Paul Ireland

Classic Engines, Modern Oil

by Paul Ireland

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UK Licence plates

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MG Service Department Service Sheet Amendments

The XPAG Cooling System

by Gene Gillam

The Alternate Parts List

by John Lawson. This is a very useful cross reference on many Y/YT and YB parts and lists other cars that had the same parts.

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A full back catalogue of Newsletters scanned from Safety Fast, from the first in 1992, to date.

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Let there be Ys
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5 Speed YB Conversion

(241kb) A PDF by Tony Vernall.

MG Engine History

A PDF file by Neil Cairns - Version 9.0. (1.3mb)

MG Y Ledgers

(310kb) A PDF file with an introduction by Neil Cairns of guarantee plates, chassis numbers and engine numbers, where this information is known.

Post War M.G. Saloon cars 1947 - 1999

(4.5mb including colour pictures) by Neil Cairns.

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Radiator cap mascots
and Hood Ornaments

How different people decorate the front of their car.
As always, consult your local laws governing where you live please.

Luggage straps for the MG Y

Details on the luggage straps that were available as a period optional extra.

Stories from the Rear view mirror

Historical research on individual cars by their owners.

Models of the MG Y Type

Details of models of the MG Y Type.

Historical Timeline of Y history events and contemporary world news.

Sister Cars to the MG Y Type

by Neil Cairns

The MG Y Type Tool Kit

by Jeremy Havard.

Terry Ciantar's original tool kit

Photographs by Terry Ciantar.

Service tools for use in the MG Series Y


29 June 2003

Today is the day for the BMIHT MG YB auction.  Good luck if you are bidding.


27 June 2003

Please welcome Ken Cowan as the new owner of Y 6326 to Ys on Parade.


26 June 2003

Paul Chivers and Y 0734 join Ys on Parade today, so please welcome him, and his car, to the site.


25 June 2003

Another new entrant today, please welcome father and son team, Phil and Paul Vincett with YB 0475 to Ys on Parade.  If we can locate YB 0476 we will have a run of three with Robert Goodchild's YB 0477!


24 June 2003

Today please welcome Clive Smith and YB 0640 to Ys on Parade.


23 June 2003

New for you today are three additions to the Collectibles page.

Six days to go until the BMIHT MG YB auction.  Good luck if you are going for it.


19 June 2003

Today, please welcome David Hilliam with Y 7207 to Ys on Parade.  We now have 180 cars on the Parade and 200 is realistically in sight!  Excellent and thank you for your contributions.


17 June 2003

Two new Ys today, so please welcome Alan Taylor with Y 2793, and Mike Lyons with Y 6594 to Ys on Parade.  Daman Thakore has also sent in some additional photographs which have been attached to his entry on YTs on Parade. 

For those of you who like statistics, we currently have 10 consecutive pairs of cars on Parade - 3 Ys, 3YTs, 3YBs and one pair that is between a Y and YT (YTs having run in with the Y chassis number sequence).  These are Y 0363 and Y 0364 (both UK), Y 0899 and Y 0900 (Australia and Sri Lanka), YT 2778 and YT 2779 (Germany and USA), YT 3285 and YT 3286 (Canada and UK), Y 3580 and YT 3581 (both Australia), YT 4060 and YT 4061 (both Australia), Y 7011 and Y 7012 (both UK), YB 0321 and YB 0322 (both UK), YB 1219 and YB 1220 (both UK), and lastly YB 1458 and YB 1459 (both UK).  It has been really nice to reunite these cars after so many years!  We are also, in two instances, only one missing from a run of four - where is Y 3579 and Y 7010?  This truly is a 'world wide web' with many 'hands across the oceans'.  Thank you for making it such - it is your website!

The lot details of the BMIHT MG YB are now on the Bonhams site.  Click here for a full catalogue of the sale.  Take a look and make a bid!


16 June 2003

Please welcome Daman Thakore and YT 4669 to Ys on Parade.  Daman's YT is significant in many ways - it is our 50th YT on Parade, and also it is our first Y Type in the Indian sub-continent.  We can only echo Daman's comments and say that we too are glad his father kept it!  If we can locate a Y Type in South America, we will have a car on the Parade from almost every part of the world!


14 June 2003

This month's reprinted article is from The Autocar 20 August 1948 and covers the special Swiss bodied cars.  EnjoY


13 June 2003

Today, please welcome Ken Smithard with Y 1289 to Ys on Parade.  Terry O'Brien has also furnished a very full set of photographs of the routings of the carburettor overflow pipes for the YT.  The Over flow pipe on the single carburettor on the Y/YB follows a similar route for any one interested - please see Technical Advice.  A clarification to the original published Technical note has also been added to clarify where the pipe retaining bracket is actually affixed.


12 June 2003

Well the waiting is now over and we are able to announce the results of the Trivia Quiz 2.  A big "thank you" to all of you who entered and kept Jack Murray amused with your answers.  It was tricky wasn't it?  However, there were two winners, both scoring a very respectable 10 out of 12!  The winners are John Arkley, from Cleveland UK, and Mike Burden from Perth, Western Australia.  Well done to you both and congratulations, your Millennium Y pewter models have been despatched to you.  The quiz page has been modified to remove the form and the answers have been added to the bottom of the page.


11 June 2003

It is always good to report a pairing of cars on Ys on Parade, and it is with great pleasure today to welcome Eric Dodd with YB 1219, and Chris Vernon with YB 1220 to Ys on Parade!  Also reunited for the first time on this year's UK Spring Run was Y 0364 belonging to Lionel Reeves with Y 0363 belonging to Steve Randle, so please welcome Lionel with Y 0364 too.

The Uplink from Ys on Parade is now working again and apologies for any inconvenience.  Please continue to send in your cars for the Parade - at 175 Ys, it is without doubt the largest (virtual) gathering of Ys ever and is a great credit to all you wonderful people who have sent your cars in - If you have not already done so - now is your chance!


10 June 2003

Back in harness now and thank you to Mike Plumstead for handling the upload of the files for me at the start of the month.

There have been several things sent in while I was away:

  • An updated picture of Y 0960 on Ys on Parade. Y 0960 also won first place in "Foreign Sedans 1900 - 1978" show in Washington State, well done Rob!
  • A new Technical Advice from Tony Slattery, on carburettor overflow pipe routings - together with a picture, and a couple of Oil related ones from the Technical Boys - David and Neil - on Technical Advice.
  • Our Antipodean Adventurers have filed their first report following their arrival!
  • and Andrew and Arlene Coulson will be running the Y Stand on the Ripon Old Car Show on 13 July 2003.  See Events Page for more information.

STOP PRESS! BMIHT to auction off their 1952 MG YB.
Some interesting breaking news as seen in MG Enthusiast Magazine Issue 36 July 2003 - British Motor Industry Heritage Trust will be auctioning off their MG YB on 29th June by Bonhams. Admission by catalogue only, £14 in advance call +44(0)1666 502200 or fax +44(0)1666 505107 or email here.  The car is roadworthy and estimate is £2,500 - £4,000.  Telephone bids may be available but check with Bonhams directly.  This is a good opportunity to get a rare car!  We cannot vouch or guarantee the condition, but it is reasonable to expect that it is fairly good!  If you are successful in buying it, let us know and send us details for Ys on Parade and remember to register it with us too.  Happy bidding.


1 June 2003

Welcome to another new month - June 2003.  A very soft start this month as the webmaster is current away raising money for charity - with an MG!  As usual, there is a new Picture of the Month for you to enjoy, from Daniel Richardson in New Zealand.  The winner of the Millennium Y model for the Trivia Picture Quiz will be announced when the webmaster returns - as will be the answers!

Meanwhile, please welcome Barry Softly with Y 0899 and Sandy Henderson with Y 6089 to Ys on Parade.  Barry's car make yet another consecutive pair with Chanaka Jinasena's Y 0900 in Sri Lanka and Barry in Australia! Sandy has (had to) convert his car into a "tourer" following an horrendous accident on the UK's motorway.  See Interesting Ys for this amazing rebuild.  What a shame it had to happen though to such a stunningly beautiful car.

And finally, for now at least, a ground breaking announcement that basically shatters a long held belief from our resident YT expert, David Pelham, and assisted in research by David Lawrence.  The following is an extract from the updated MG YT Factory Records which can be obtained from the side bar of this page.

Now a real 'Hot Potato', all of the records state that 877 YTs were produced. Nobody knows exactly where that number came from, but it has already been written into the history books. The information now available would tend to indicate that the total number of YTs produced was at least 881, and possibly a few more. Why this discrepancy? Well we know that YTs were produced in batches and we have identified new cars that have extended a previously known batch. It appears that CKD (Completely Knocked Down) cars exported to Ireland were not included on the original lists. We have confirmed that B282 Body Plates were not fitted to CKD cars. YT2706 a recently (January 2003) discovered original Irish export CKD car has confirmed this fact. Prior to this discovery YT2744 another Irish CKD was the only known example. It is believed that a total of 16 CKD YTs were built in 1949, we have accounted for 2 of these to date and believe that another 4 are included in the Factory Recreated List.  David Lawrence and I continue to research this, but we can say with some conviction, that there were more than 877 YTs produced, albeit only four more at this stage. As the number of YTs is likely to be higher than 877 it also follows that the number of YAs built will be a few less than the 6,158 stated.

I shall have to update the ratios and numbers on the Ys on Parade index sheet now when I get back!


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