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H G Cox letter 27 August 1947

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Post War M.G. Saloon cars 1947 - 1999

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28 July 2002

Please welcome Geoff Meller and YT 3477 to Ys on Parade.  To say Geoff's car is under restoration would be an understatement, but we are very happy to add Geoff's car to the site.  Please send us your photographs - no matter the state of the car, we love to see them all!


27 July 2002

Please welcome Ken Silverstone and YT 4118 to Ys on Parade.  This car is yet another "new find" to  the register, not having previously known to have survived the last 50 years.


26 July 2002

Sorry I forgot to upload the updated Events page the other day!  I have now done so.  Jack Murray's report on Silverstone 2002 can now be accessed.


23 July 2002

Today, please welcome Victor and Evelyne Rodrigues with Y 1878 to Ys on Parade making 70 in total - the first 100 looms ever nearer!

Jack Murray has sent me a report on Silverstone 2002, and although his photographs will follow, I have had one in already but cannot remember who from!  Sorry about that, but if you let me know who you were, I will gladly credit you - thank you whoever though!.  Please go to the Events page and click on the Report link next to the Silverstone 2002 event.

2003 is marching closer now so please send me details of any 2003 events you would like to be shown, together with a brief synopsis.  Please remember the focus should be on Ys though!

Finally, calling John Arkley - John, I have been asked to get in touch with you regarding your "IFS" by Alf Luckman who has some news for you.  Can you please send me an email and I will pass your address on to Alf for you.  It seems they have a similar car in Australia!


20 July 2002

Today we are pleased to welcome John Arkley with his three Ys - Y 5710, YB 1018, and YB 1459 to Ys on Parade.  This brings the Ys on Parade up to 69 now.  YB 1459 is another matched pair with YB 1458 of David Hague!

Silverstone still has another day to go and we have had a splendid time on the Y Register stall and it has been good meeting with some of you and hearing your views on the website.  We are glad that you are so positive and like it so much, thank you.  We hope that you will continue to enjoY it.


18 July 2002

Chanaka Jinasena, from Sri Lanka, has sent me some more pictures of his progress on his restoration work (Y 0900 on Interesting Ys) and he has been very busy.  Work is progressing very nicely.

Andrew Adamson has sent me five photographs to go with yesterday's post of the report on the Ripon Old Cars Gathering too.

Please also welcome Esra Martin and Y 6471 as the 66th car to Ys on Parade.

Can Tom Cox please contact our Registrar with respect to his recently submitted registration form too please, thanks.

That's it now until after Silverstone as we have the Y Register stand at Silverstone as usual.  If you are going to be there, come and tell us what you think of the site.


17 July 2002

Following the post of 14 July there have been a number of enquiries as to what the other British Export is.  For those who did not spot it, it is London Bridge!

I have received reports from both Andrew Coulson, and Andrew Adamson on the Ripon Old Cars Gathering and they seem to have had an excellent day there.  The reports can be accessed from the Events page and then clicking on the report link by the event.  Please go and read their reports.  They are both going to send me some pictures so I shall revise the page again when they have been loaded and advise again in the News when this has been done.


16 July 2002

Alf Luckman has sent me some photographs of a V8 conversion.  Unfortunately, he does not have any details of the owner except that he was called Garry!  If the owner is out there and comes forward and identifies himself, we will be pleased to welcome you properly and accredit your ownership.  Meanwhile, some pictures can be found on the Interesting Ys page. Alf has also sent in some new Hints and Tips, the first concerning the removal of the radiator, and the second concerning a radiator "expansion tank".


14 July 2002

Today we welcome Wayne and Dee Johnson with Y 1722 to Ys on Parade. They live in California, and their picture shows their British car against the background of another famous British export to the US!

The Reprinted Adverts button proved so popular that following a suggestion from Bob Simpson (Australia), we have decided to reorganise the page into a Reprints page.  This page will give you a further option to go to either Reprinted Adverts, or a new page, Reprinted Sales Brochures.  Coming too (at some future stage) will be Reprinted Articles, which will feature magazine abstracts that have not previously been republished elsewhere and would otherwise have become lost in the mists of time and obscurity.


12 July 2002

David Pelham has sent something completely different for our new Artists Impressions page - a 40th Birthday Cake made by his wife, Shirley.  Many happy returns David - although he assures me it was all so long ago now all he can remember is the cake - this should tell us something!


11 July 2002

Today we welcome Neil Cairns and YB 0322 to Ys on Parade. Neil is already well known to many as a writer of prolific output on many engineering matters MG, and a helpful contributor to the Bulletin Board, as well as the Register's Safety Fast scribe. For the eagle-eyed (or "train-spotters") out there Neil's entry make the third consecutive pairing of cars in Ys on Parade with YT 2778 and YT 2779 belonging to Peter Vielvoye and Karl-Heinz Borchers, Y 7011 and Y 7012 belonging to David Pelham and David Mitchell-Gogay, YB 0322 joins with former assembly line-mate YB 0321 belonging to Keith Herkes!  I wonder how long before we manage to get a run of three together, or even ten? Now that would be something special!  Keep sending in your cars ... and I'll keep adding them! EnjoY!


10 July 2002

Today we welcome Brian Ralph with YT 5037 from Tasmania, Australia to Ys on Parade as the 63rd entry and another new advert from my collection, this time The Motor 3 December 1947 (that is  all of them now, unless you have ones I have not got!). If you have got an advert that is not shown, please scan it and send it to me full size in 300dpi mode telling me if possible when and where it was originally published and I shall be pleased to add it to the collection.


8 July 2002

Two new reprinted period adverts for your delight today, one from Jack Murray, and the other from your webmaster's collection. Also, the link for Vintage Tyres has been updated to include details of their Canadian agent courtesy of Terry O'Brien.  We also have a report from Malcolm Hardy on the Sunday Lunch he organised for Y owners in the North of England (see link on Events page).


5 July 2002

Details of the Sydney Concours and Display Day (20 October 2002) are available on the Events page.  Alf Luckman already has 12 Ys attending.  If you are in the area and have not already done so, please contact Alf to ensure that he can organise enough space for the Y display.  This is promising to be the biggest gathering "down under" and we will look forward to a report from Alf on the event in due course.

While on the subject of forthcoming events, Tom Cox will, (I hope!) be sending us a report from GoF the Gathering of the Faithful too.  Also, if you are in the Yorkshire area, or even in the north of the UK, and have a Y please contact Andrew Coulson and support him at the Ripon Old Cars Gathering  on 14 July 2002.  For more details of these, and all the events please check out the Events page.

Also, for your delight I am opening up yet another page, this time you have the opportunity to post drawings, sketches and paintings of your Y.  These can be done by you, your family or your friends.  Please send us your input so that others can enjoy Ys in a different dimension.  The page is called Artists Impressions and can be accessed from the side bar menu.


2 July 2002

It is a YT day today with Brian Quarendon joining us with YT 3863 and Saul Duck with YT 4716 as entries 61 and 62 respectively in Ys on Parade today.  Welcome to you to Brian and Saul.


1 July 2002

July already, as if we needed reminding! Where is the year going?  Please welcome Paul Briggs with Y 5095 and Richard Knight with YB 0515 to Ys on Parade as the 59th and 60th entries.

During June we had four new Hints and Tips and nineteen new cars added to the Ys on Parade.  As a result, we were pleased to release the MG Y Type screensaver, which some of you have downloaded and have installed.  If you are experiencing any difficulties with this, please do not hesitate to email the webmaster on the above link and tell me what your problems are and we will try to advise a work around for you.  If you still want to obtain a copy of the screensaver, please use the link in the header.

We also have a new link for you - Kingstown Shipping, for shipping your Y around the world (for either buying a new one, or just moving your current one!).

Please continue to send me your pictures for Picture of the Month feature too!  They may be a picture of your car in unusual circumstances, or even special circumstances such as a wedding or similar event, a close-up shot of interesting modifications, or your Y during restoration even.

Also, for your delight this month, we have added two new features: - Reprinted Advertisements, featuring original period adverts that you can download, and Interesting Ys, which we hope to build (with your submissions) into a special interest corner.  In the latter I have linked this to the earlier page on the Sri Lankan Y of Chanaka Jinasena, and the MGB powered Y of Richard Prior.

Thank you very much for your continued support of the site and kind comments: feedback is always appreciated. If there are any suggestions or comments you would like to make, please contact the Webmaster, and we will look into them for you and discuss them with you.  Please continue to enjoY.


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