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Downloadable items

H G Cox letter 27 August 1947

(99kb)  A letter to Sir Miles Thomas detailing sales early orders for the MG Y.

MG YT Factory Production Records ~ recreated

 (1.8mb)A PDF file by David Pelham (updated 10 October 2018).

The Complete Manchester XPAG Files

by Paul Ireland

Classic Engines, Modern Oil

by Paul Ireland

Register your MG Y Type with us

Register on line or download a form to email or fax your registration to us

Fractions to Decimals to Millimetres

A table to convert fractions of an inch into decimals and millimeters

UK Licence plates

A document reproduced here by kind permission of the Chiltern Vehicle Preservation Group

Parts Cross Reference pages

Look up modern supplier part numbers for your MG Y Type Parts needs

MG Service Department Service Sheet Amendments

The XPAG Cooling System

by Gene Gillam

The Alternate Parts List

by John Lawson. This is a very useful cross reference on many Y/YT and YB parts and lists other cars that had the same parts.

Guide for Users of Historic Vehicles


Safety Fast Newsletters

A full back catalogue of Newsletters scanned from Safety Fast, from the first in 1992, to date.

The MG Y Type Buyer's Guide

A miscellany of resources and articles to help you decide on how to buy and what to look for.

Original brochure
MG Y Type Screensaver

(2.7 MB).

YT brochure
MG YT Screensaver


Let there be Ys
Let there be Ys Screensaver


5 Speed YB Conversion

(241kb) A PDF by Tony Vernall.

MG Engine History

A PDF file by Neil Cairns - Version 9.0. (1.3mb)

MG Y Ledgers

(310kb) A PDF file with an introduction by Neil Cairns of guarantee plates, chassis numbers and engine numbers, where this information is known.

Post War M.G. Saloon cars 1947 - 1999

(4.5mb including colour pictures) by Neil Cairns.

Miscellaneous items

Radiator cap mascots
and Hood Ornaments

How different people decorate the front of their car.
As always, consult your local laws governing where you live please.

Luggage straps for the MG Y

Details on the luggage straps that were available as a period optional extra.

Stories from the Rear view mirror

Historical research on individual cars by their owners.

Models of the MG Y Type

Details of models of the MG Y Type.

Historical Timeline of Y history events and contemporary world news.

Sister Cars to the MG Y Type

by Neil Cairns

The MG Y Type Tool Kit

by Jeremy Havard.

Terry Ciantar's original tool kit

Photographs by Terry Ciantar.

Service tools for use in the MG Series Y


19 April 2002

The Sales Price List and Catalogue have been updated for the latest price changes, and there are now 18 Ys on Parade.


17 April 2002

Here is your first update, a few more suppliers have now been added to the Links page, we have 14 'Y's on Parade (correct at time of postings), details are now available for the Tour of Brittany in September of this year via a link from the Events page.  A report on the Spring Run can also now be found on the Events page too.  We are also working on a "Guide to Buying a Y Type" for Saloon and Tourer models which will be coming soon.  A further montage of photographs from the Spring Run, by Ted Gardner, can be found by clicking here.

If you consider that the site is lacking something, please do not hesitate to contact the webmaster and we will see how we may be able to accommodate your preferences and suggestions.

Finally, we would like to thank you for your kind support so far.  Please continue to remember this is YOUR site, so send in your stuff.  We might not use it all at once, but it will all come out in the end!


14 April 2002

Well, here it is: the official website for the International MG Y Type Register.  This site will be under constant development and will change so please keep coming back and seeing what's new.   It, like your Y Type, will be driven by you and you will provide the direction and the content as much as any one - so if it is not changing as much as you'd like, it is up to you to provide the content to us.

We do have some plans in mind already as you will see from the contents bar to the left of this screen.  Some of these are currently available, others are coming soon.  Here is a foretaste of what we plan for each button.

  • News - this page, what's new on the site, and other titbits.
  • Monthly Picture - Send us pictures of your Y in interesting locations, under restoration, or other interesting pictures.
  • Classified Advertisements - Cars and Parts For Sale and Wanted from www.mg-cars.org.uk.
  • Register your Y Type - The Register is seeking to compile a log of all known Ys whatever the state of restoration.  Is your Y on the register?  If you are in doubt, here is your opportunity to send in the details for it to be checked and added if necessary.
  • Events - What's happening in the world for you and your Y Type.
  • Book Review - Reviews of all the major books available on the MG Y Series.
  • Hints & Tips - Handy hints for doing tricky jobs - supplied by you.
  • Bulletin Board - Bulletin Board from www.mg-cars.org.uk.
  • "Y" History - A potted history of the Y Type.
  • "Y"s on Parade - A "Rogues' Gallery" of you (and your family) and your Y.
  • Links - Links to other Y Type related sites.
  • Contact Us - A list of Names and Addresses of your Committee.

Remember, it is your site, and much of the content will be supplied by you, so please start to send us your stuff.  Without it we will not be able to keep you happy.  We hope you will enjoy this site, and come back again soon to see what's new.

I would just like to place on record, my grateful thanks to Mike Plumstead at mxp.co.uk for hosting the site, to Rik Moncur at internetdesignshop.co.uk who have helped me with some of the more technical points of setting up this site (Rik did the animated .GIF on the Events and Links pages!), and to Gunter Graskampf, for encouragement, inspiration and other tips.  Thanks guys.


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