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H G Cox letter 27 August 1947

(99kb)  A letter to Sir Miles Thomas detailing sales early orders for the MG Y.

MG YT Factory Production Records ~ recreated

 (1.8mb)A PDF file by David Pelham (updated 10 October 2018).

The Complete Manchester XPAG Files

by Paul Ireland

Classic Engines, Modern Oil

by Paul Ireland

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Register on line or download a form to email or fax your registration to us

Fractions to Decimals to Millimetres

A table to convert fractions of an inch into decimals and millimeters

UK Licence plates

A document reproduced here by kind permission of the Chiltern Vehicle Preservation Group

Parts Cross Reference pages

Look up modern supplier part numbers for your MG Y Type Parts needs

MG Service Department Service Sheet Amendments

The XPAG Cooling System

by Gene Gillam

The Alternate Parts List

by John Lawson. This is a very useful cross reference on many Y/YT and YB parts and lists other cars that had the same parts.

Guide for Users of Historic Vehicles


Safety Fast Newsletters

A full back catalogue of Newsletters scanned from Safety Fast, from the first in 1992, to date.

The MG Y Type Buyer's Guide

A miscellany of resources and articles to help you decide on how to buy and what to look for.

Original brochure
MG Y Type Screensaver

(2.7 MB).

YT brochure
MG YT Screensaver


Let there be Ys
Let there be Ys Screensaver


5 Speed YB Conversion

(241kb) A PDF by Tony Vernall.

MG Engine History

A PDF file by Neil Cairns - Version 9.0. (1.3mb)

MG Y Ledgers

(310kb) A PDF file with an introduction by Neil Cairns of guarantee plates, chassis numbers and engine numbers, where this information is known.

Post War M.G. Saloon cars 1947 - 1999

(4.5mb including colour pictures) by Neil Cairns.

Miscellaneous items

Radiator cap mascots
and Hood Ornaments

How different people decorate the front of their car.
As always, consult your local laws governing where you live please.

Luggage straps for the MG Y

Details on the luggage straps that were available as a period optional extra.

Stories from the Rear view mirror

Historical research on individual cars by their owners.

Models of the MG Y Type

Details of models of the MG Y Type.

Historical Timeline of Y history events and contemporary world news.

Sister Cars to the MG Y Type

by Neil Cairns

The MG Y Type Tool Kit

by Jeremy Havard.

Terry Ciantar's original tool kit

Photographs by Terry Ciantar.

Service tools for use in the MG Series Y


26 February 2003

For those of you who checked out the Interesting Ys page for more details on Phil Stafford's car, the link is now active to his page, and is well worth a look.  Also, we have discontinued our link to the third party guestbook and are now running our own in house one from the Welcome page.  It is a bit "primitive" but will do for now as I am no geeky computer guy!


25 February 2003

Please welcome Phil Stafford and YT 4608 to Ys on Parade.  Phil is rebuilding his Y chassis into an interesting racer with a special body.  See Interesting Ys for more details.


23 February 2003

Please welcome three new owners and their cars to Ys on Parade: today we have Colin Prime with Y 7009, Ian Theobald with YT 3471 and Charles Arnott with YT 4170.  We have another potential "string of 4" cars if we can find the owner of Y 7010 as we now have Y 7009, 7011 and 7012 (all of whom live within a few miles of each other now)!  Thank you gentlemen, and welcome.  Also, a change of ownership, please welcome Frank Chandler as the new owner of YT 4118.


22 February 2003

Another book featuring the Y Type has been added to the Book Review page, along with a rare booklet which is also shown on the Collectibles page.


21 February 2003

Neil Cairns has sent in details of the UK MG Saloon Day at Coombe Park near Coventry.  Details are available from our Events Page.  Ken Jones has also informed us of a run he is organising for the 22 June 2003 from Bridgewater, Somerset to Dunster Castle.

Are you organising an Event at which you'd like to encourage Y owners to come? If so, please contact the Webmaster with details.  We'd like to hear from countries other than just the UK!


20 February 2003

We are pleased to provide an update to the YT factory records (see link). Since the first list was released on the 1st December 2002 we have been able to confirm a further 24 YTs as survivors; this now takes our total to 117 cars, representing over 13% of original production. In addition we have obtained additional information on many other cars. A further 46 cars are thought to be probable survivors but have yet to be traced. If all have survived this would represent almost 20% of original production. Please keep up the good work and notify us of additions/amendments to the list.


19 February 2003

If you have not previously submitted your Y to Ys On Parade - it has just got easier for you!  We have added a form to the website - all you have to do to submit your Y is simply click on the link in the title bar for any of the Ys On Parade pages, fill in the boxes, and then click on the "Submit" button.  No excuse now then!


18 February 2003

Ken Jones has sent in a new brochure from June 1949.  Is this the smallest Y Brochure at 4inches wide and 6 inches high? It opens out into 8 pages and covers the YT as well as the TC.  You got a lot for your money in those days! Check out the Brochures link on the Reprinted Articles page.


16 February 2003

Jack Murray has sent in an interesting addition to the Collectibles - a University Motors key ring!


14 February 2003

Please welcome Ian Hopkins and YB 1499 to Ys on Parade. Ian is our Graphic Designer and, besides designing wonderful "Rally Plaques" for some of our events (such as the Riverside Picnic 2002 - a plagiarised version of which adorns our Search page), he also is responsible for our wonderful Y Register Logo!

There is a new collectible on the Collectibles page, this time an original NOL Lubrication and Maintenance Schedule log book for the MG Series "Y".  At long last we have found a company that will re-sleeve YA/YT/YB Brake Master Cylinders, J & L Spares Export Ltd of Rochdale, Lancashire. J&L also recondition Fuel Pumps & Windscreen Wiper Motors. A new Supplier link has been added for them on  the Links page under Brake/Friction Systems.

We are also launching this month our new mid-month feature of Reprinted Articles from past magazines. These have not been previously reprinted and we hope to bring you an increasing selection of interesting articles over the next few months.  To start with there is a wonderful article in German, published on the 14 May 1947 in a Swiss magazine "Automobil Revue" and brought to our attention by Remo Peter.  We are currently working on getting a translation into English of it for the majority of you, however, so you are not left out, there is an English article, also from 1947 (August) from an unknown publication.  If any one can please cast any light on the source we would be most grateful to hear from you.  To access this, please click on Reprints in the left hand menu and then on Reprinted Articles, or you can click here.

Finally, for your delight and amusement, we are starting to get photographs together of your Committee, the first few of which are on Contact Us, with more to follow, so you can see that we are "real people"!


10 February 2003

A link to the D G Models website has been placed on both the Collectibles and the Links pages for your convenience and interest.  D G Models make a model Y Saloon and a YT (hood up).  Examples can be seen on the Collectibles page.


9 February 2003

Please welcome Allan Flynn and Y 3718 to Ys on Parade.  Allan has now brought the YAs to 1% of total build, so all models are now in whole digit territory.   Also joining him today, is Pat Hand with YT 3623 raising the total to 133 Ys on Parade. Thank you to every one who has contributed so far to these fantastically interesting pages, and to those of you who have not (or if you know of someone who has not) yet sent in your car, please do so whatever the state - we want to see them all.

The Book Review page has been overhauled and some new books have been added.  Also, the index of previous month's Picture of the Month has been revised to show a thumbnail of the picture.  We hope you like the changes and find them useful.  The 5 speed YB Conversion document has also been revisited - the original posting contained a few spelling errors - our apologies.


7 February 2003

Two recently rediscovered factory photographs have been added to the Collectibles page, along with two DG Models - a Y and a YT.


4 February 2003

Jack Murray has supplied details of Stafford Vehicle Components Limited to us and they have been added to the Links page.  They provide a very comprehensive range of electrical switch gear and other supplies in addition to a "period" stalk control for flashing indicators (if your main clockwork switch is broken).


3 February 2003

The hoax message has now been purged. Apologies for any inconvenience caused by our "open access policy" but that is the nature of things these days, there will always be someone out there wanting to spoil things!

Manfred Schulz has been very busy and has sent in 4 Collectibles for the YB.  We now have, another (different cover) Operations Manual for the YB, two different editions of the Service Parts List, and a Workshop Manual.  Thank you. We hope you are finding the Collectibles page interesting - there are certainly some curios out there for collecting!  Ken Jones has also sent in a letter he found in his original sales brochure and a Data Sheet too.


2 February 2003

WARNING: A classified advert has been posted for www.viagra4cars.com on the website.  We do not believe this to be genuine and are looking into having it removed.  Meanwhile, we would strongly recommend caution in responding to this, or any other such "unique and rewarding business opportunity", as these are more likely than not to be bogus and hoax. We operate an "open access" system on both the Classified Advertisements and the Bulletin Board services as we believe this to be in the best interests of the majority of you, our customers.  Although we maintain a watching brief on these entries unfortunately, from time to time, the downside of this will be postings like this that "slip the net" due to the retrospective nature of our review.  Our recommendation is always to ignore them and ask you to please report any such abuses you may spot to the webmaster and they will be looked into and removed.

On a happier note, Tony Vernall has supplied us with a copy of his notes on converting a YB to a 5 speed gearbox.  While this is not something for the "purist" to contemplate, it may be of interest to others.  The PDF can be downloaded from the Other Items column to the left of this news panel.


1 February 2003

Do not forget to send in your entry form to Jerry Birkbeck for the Spring Run, this year at Snowshill Manor. A downloadable Entry Form is now available. Please note that to avoid last minute confusion and running about (so that the organisers can enjoy the day as well as you) Jerry has said that full details / rally boards / route-books etc. will be sent out to entrants after 31 March 2003. This means that he must have completed all his side of the work as well as processed your entry form before then! Please don't leave it to the last minute - do it now, before you forget or get double booked for the day.

Jack Murray has sent in a picture of the YB Operations Manual for the Collectibles page.  If you have something you would like to post, please send it in to the webmaster.  The Collectibles page is building quite nicely and it is amazing just how much stuff there is out there.  For new collectors, a good place to start is eBay or an autojumble, but remember - do not offer to pay more than you want to for an article - it is easy to get carried away with euphoria.  Jack Murray has also sent in two new adverts which have been updated to the Advertisements page.

Finally, Tony Stock has sent in an update to his picture of Y 0485 in Ys on Parade.


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