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25 November 2002

Please welcome Tony and Jill Stock with YT 2617 to Ys on Parade as the 112th entry.  Their car is the one featured in two of John Urbane Bull's reports (Exile in Lakeland - Autocar July 1 1949 and Pleasant Places in Wales - Autocar 30 June 1950) contained in the Brooklands Book Y-Type & Magnette ZA/ZB (if you have not already got a copy and reviewed in the Book Review), with a pictures of KLU 387.

It is probably worth mentioning that Ys on Parade is available to any Y owner, as is the whole website whether you are a member of the MG Car Club or not.  If you are not, please do not be inhibited in sending in your entry, we are not in the least bit concerned about which club you are in or not!  The aim of the whole website is to promote Yder ownership, and enjoyment, of this wonderful MG!


19 November 2002

The Technical Advice page has a new item on today - this time on Gearbox end floats (too technical for the webmaster anyway!).


18 November 2002

Keith Herkes has sent in his other two Y Types, this time YB 0842 and YB 1142, so please welcome them both to Ys on Parade!


17 November 2002

As 2002 draws to a close, details of Events for next year, 2003 are beginning to come in.  If you have a Y Type event coming up, why not contact the Webmaster with details?  We cannot publish every MG event, so some elimination may take place, however, if you do not send in anything, nothing will certainly be published!.


16 November 2002

Another new Y on Parade, please welcome Frank Russell and Y 1336 to Ys on Parade.  This brings a "full set" for Canada and moves them up into outright fourth place.  Frank would welcome any history on this car so if you know anything contact can be made via David Pelham. Also we have a new Hint and Tip from Phil Waltham.


15 November 2002

A new query on the Technical page for those with leaking YT / YA axles has been posted today.  Also, this month's brochure reprint is the August 1948 Export Edition.  I have also repaired the link from the July 1950 page 3 with apologies for the break.  It is interesting now to compare the July 1950 Home market brochure against the August 1948 Export market one, to see that the MG Car Company clearly just had the earlier fold out brochure reprinted with a different colour and four new photographs to replace those of the YT (see both page 2s), which had by now been discontinued.  The YT having been almost exclusively made for the export market, it is now easy to see why the later brochure for the Home market featured the Export oil bath filter - clearly nothing new in "cut and paste" editing! EnjoY!


13 November 2002

Please welcome Arnold Capel and Y 1165 to Ys on Parade as the 51st YA.  It is really good to start having some more cars coming through again.


11 November 2002

Please welcome Nancy Anderson with her YT 3338 to Ys on Parade,  Please note the additional lights on the rear wings (fenders): these were unique to the YT EXU model as exported to North America.  This means that we now have a 100% presence of the known YTs in Colorado USA.  Also, please welcome Jerry Felper from California, USA and Y 0885 to Ys on Parade as the 50th YA!  It does not seem that long since we were posting our 50th car now, however, please keep them coming.  We now have 107 cars in total!

It is interesting to note from the statistics tables that although Ys have more numerical presence than either YTs or YBs, they still do not make up 1% of the total built.  However, in the vein of "lies, damn lies and statistics" I have put up various different ranks, so I hope that everyone is pleased with some aspect of the results!  In all, 106 cars is a fantastic performance, but there are still many of your "non-Internet ready" friends out there (and some "Internet ready" ones too), who have not yet sent in a picture!  Get their details and submit it for them.  Let's see if we cannot get Ys over the 1% soon.  We appreciate that it is a bigger hill to climb than the others, but what a challenge.


10 November 2002

Today, please welcome Bill Eberhardt and Y 0833 to Ys on Parade, For those who are into statistics, I have analysed by country and model the ownership figures for those cars we have been sent by you.  Bill has his own web site with lots of other pictures of his Y on and we have also added this link to the Other Websites and Personal Home Pages section on the Links Page.


9 November 2002

A minor change to the Technical response.  Sorry if there had been any confusion.

Also, please welcome another three cars to Ys on Parade, all the property of Alf Luckman (I think, but may be corrected on this later) and all YAs.  They are Y 0823, Y 2838, and Y 3580 and were located in a barn where they had been undisturbed, with many other period cars for 25 - 30 years waiting to come to light again!


7 November 2002

We have our first Technical enquiry today, and the Links page has been redesigned to provide a better service (hopefullY!).  We now have the photographs to go with Alf Luckman's report on Sydney Concours and Display Day 2002.  We also apologise for the current abuse of the bulletin board.  The entry has been reported and is being deleted.


6 November 2002

Please welcome Robert Patry with his YT 4919 to Ys on Parade as the 101st entry!


3 November 2002

Thank you everyone, we have now reached 100 Ys on Parade!  This is a fantastic achievement and thank you everyone for your help in creating the largest (virtual) gathering of Ys, I am sure it will continue to grow.  Because of the size of the file we have now split the Parade into three sections for YAs, YTs and YBs.  As 99 and 100, please welcome John Middleton and YB 0279 to Ys on Parade.  John's picture is of the chassis in his immaculate garage.  Just how he keeps it that way must be a well kept secret!

Ted Gardner has replaced his photo for YB 0329 in Ys on Parade with an interesting sepia print format which has worked quite nicely.


2 November 2002

The observant may have noticed that a new item has been added to the Other Items column to the left.  This is an MG Icon for your desk top, so that those who have not yet already set their "home page" to the site can link quickly to it from their desktop.

Also, tonight, please welcome the 98th entry to Ys on Parade, John Brock with YT 3709!  John is anxious to obtain any history on his car, which he imported from Australia.  If there is anyone out there who has any history, please contact David Pelham who will be pleased to pass on the information to John.  Only two to go now for the 100!!


1 November 2002

Only 54 shopping days to go to Christmas, and probably only 30, or less, if you require any Regalia "stocking fillers" to be shipped to you overseas!  While we are on that tack, I have updated the Sales List for a new price on the Windscreen Stickers.  Although these are the "old" logo (objected to by BMW, so it has that in its favour) they proved so popular that we have had a re-run commissioned.

Also, this month please welcome Paul Gaynor with Y 2677 and Y 5174, Mike Silk with YT 2744, Les Mabbut and Y 3190, David Aldridge with YT 3384, David Saul with YT 3581, Sybil Mackaness and Richard Hope with Y 3935, Stephen Koster with YT 4061, and Frank Alway with Y 4895 to Ys on Parade.  We now have 97 car in the Parade.  The milestone of 100 cars gathered together in one place, albeit virtually, is an imposing one (and one that we had dared not hope for quite so soon) is now tantalisingly close!  Will we make 100 before the end of 2002?  Its up to you!

Following on from the appointment of Alf Luckman as our man in Australasia, we are very pleased include the following announcement.

We are pleased to announce the appointment of our second International Regional Representative. We are very fortunate that Wayne Musselman, who founded and runs the North American MG 'Y' Register has agreed to become our North American Representative. Wayne has a good knowledge of Y Types and is in the process of restoring his YT.  A couple of years ago Wayne had made contact with and sent his newsletter to over eighty Y Type Owners in North America. It is good news that we now have representation both 'Down Under' with Alf and 'Across the Pond' with Wayne. A hearty welcome to Wayne from all on the committee.

David Pelham. Public Relations Officer International MG Y Type Register 31st October 2002.  Wayne can be contacted by clicking here or through the Contact Us page.

Forth coming attractions, besides a "new" brochure mid month, will be a ledger of YTs - all 877 of them as researched by David Pelham and David Lawrence, so that will no doubt be something to look forward too.  We hope to have that for you soon.

A date for your diaries for 2003 will be the "Spring Run".  Jerry Birkbeck has confirmed the location for this now, please see Events page for further details.  There is a hyperlink to the National Trust's website for the location there too.  Further details will be available shortly.


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