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MG YT Factory Production Records ~ recreated

 (1.8mb)  A PDF file by David Pelham (updated 10 October 2018).


Fractions to Decimals to Millimetres

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UK Licence plates

A document reproduced here by kind permission of the Chiltern Vehicle Preservation Group


Parts Cross Reference pages

Look up modern supplier part numbers for your MG Y Type Parts needs

MG Service Department Service Sheet Amendments


The XPAG Cooling System

by Gene Gillam


The Alternate Parts List

by John Lawson. This is a very useful cross reference on many Y/YT and YB parts and lists other cars that had the same parts.


Guide for Users of Historic Vehicles



Safety Fast Newsletters

A full back catalogue of Newsletters scanned from Safety Fast, from the first in 1992, to date.


The MG Y Type Buyer's Guide

A miscellany of resources and articles to help you decide on how to buy and what to look for.


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5 Speed YB Conversion

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MG Icon and instructions
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MG Engine History

A PDF file by Neil Cairns - Version 9.0. (1.3mb)


MG Y Ledgers

(310kb) A PDF file with an introduction by Neil Cairns of guarantee plates, chassis numbers and engine numbers, where this information is known.


Post War M.G. Saloon cars 1947 - 1999

(4.5mb including colour pictures) by Neil Cairns.


Luggage straps for the MG Y

Details on the luggage straps that were available as a period optional extra.


Stories from the Rear view mirror

Historical research on individual cars by their owners.


Models of the MG Y Type

Details of models of the MG Y Type.


Historical Timeline of Y history events and contemporary world news.


Sister Cars to the MG Y Type

by Neil Cairns


The MG Y Type Tool Kit

by Jeremy Havard.


Terry Ciantar's original tool kit Photographs by Terry Ciantar.


Service tools for use in the MG Series Y


27 September 2002

Please welcome Tony Bushell with YT 4615 to Ys on Parade.  Tony brings our total of Ys on Parade to 83, of which 24 are YTs.  Purely out of interest, as a proportion of the total number of 877 YTs built, we currently have 2.7% on the site!  Well done YT owners.  Please let's have some more YAs and YBs too!  Nico Dreesen has also recently sent me a better definition photograph of his YB0805 which has also been uploaded to the site.


23 September 2002

Mike Wright (Y0368) has sent me some more details of the early life and history of his car which I have updated to his entry on Ys on Parade.  I am still waiting for some replies to Ys on Parade from people who have sent in pictures, but no details of their cars (chassis numbers etc.).  If you have only sent in a picture, it is very difficult for me to do anything with it so I will be sending out reminders to you for additional details.  Upon receipt, I will be only too pleased to add your car to the parade.  Thanks.


22 September 2002

The latest NTG Parts Catalogue (18th Edition) is now available in PDF format.  This is their fully illustrated Catalogue (56 pages) for Ts and Ys at 6.82 Mb or you can just go for their Price List at 1.44 Mb.  If you choose the latter, you will still need an illustrated parts list to make best use of the price list.  The hyperlink on our Links Page has also been updated.


21 September 2002

Of interest to those who keenly pursue concours, and those who just like to have a totally complete car, Jeremy Havard has kindly allowed us to copy a page from his website on Tools for the Y.  I always wondered how the YA Tecalemit "Plastigun" grease gun was supposed to fit in my tool roll.  This article clearly answered that and I am now after Jeremy making me a replica bag.  If you would like one too, please contact Jeremy via his website address on the bottom of the page, or via the BBS thread that was posted earlier.


20 September 2002

I have just received a report from Ian Hopkins, our Graphics Designer, on the Summer Picnic and have added this to the page on the reports on this event.  Click on the thumbnail of the event plaque to see an enlarged version of Ian's marvellous handiwork.  Yes that is the remains of a dead fly on the radiator grille of the Y badge - proves we did at least some of the route!


15 September 2002

Have just uploaded your latest brochure (or click on Reprints, then on Brochures) for the month.  Hope you like it, it comes to you courtesy of Ken Jones of Somerset UK, and is one that I had not seen before either.  It is a June 1948 Export edition.  EnjoY!


13 September 2002

The Y Type "Tour of Brittany" is currently in full swing, and we wish all the participants well.  No doubt we will have a report on this in due course.  However, as a small compensation to those of us left behind, here is a report on the Riverside Picnic event.  No doubt photographs will follow in due course.

Please send me your Y events for inclusion in our 2003 calendar.


10 September 2002

In case you have been trying to get onto the site in the last few days and are being thwarted in your attempts, please accept our apologies.  Our host is experiencing problems at the moment with their broadband lines into their server.  Please bear with us during this frustrating time and we hope to have normal service back as soon as possible, thanks.


7 September 2002

The observant, or geeks who cannot get enough Y Fixes, among you will have noticed that I have recently acquired yet another variant Y brochure to scan and put up under reprints in the near future!  This time it dates from August 1948 and is an export edition.  I never realised, when I started my collection, just how many different types and styles of brochure there were and it has been fascinating collecting.  I hope that you are enjoying me posting them (usually mid-month) on the site for your reference.

Following a suggestion from one of you, sorry I have forgotten who, I have now made the whole of a previous month's "Picture of the Month" available in the archive with effect from August 2002.  I have not kept the previous files, so my apologies, but you can still enjoy the pictures from before!

I have also posted some of the captions you have sent in for this month's Picture of the Month: thanks to all of you for helping to keep us entertained, there are some wry humours out there!

Please continue to enjoY the site.


4 September 2002

For those of you who have been following Chanaka Jinasena's rebuild, there are 3 more pictures on his Interesting Ys page,Y0900, that he has kindly sent in.  He is making phenomenal strides of progress!

Please continue to enjoY the site.


1 September 2002

Welcome to September!  No I wasn't taking a nap, I was on the other side of the country attending a Magnette Register do (I also have a Magnette) - it was very good, but now back to the real world!!  I am also awaiting some words about this month's Picture of The Month from our Public Relations Officer, so I will add these to this month's picture as soon as I get them.  Meanwhile, go have a look and come up with some captions for it and email them to me!  The best ones will appear in Picture of the Month - together with their author's name - so watch what you say about Dennis Doubtfire's car!  Thanks for your patience.

Please continue to enjoY the site.


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